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Top 10 Shopee Must-Haves This Summer

Are you prepped for summer yet? You should be because everyone is! Make sure you have the best OOTD this summer to enjoy your most fantastic summer year ever!

To celebrate this year’s summer, Shopee online ensures that you can afford everything you need to have the perfect summer getaway. With Shopee 5.5 Super Sale, you get to enjoy up 90% discount on your favorite summer gears. But, before that, let’s take a look at the top 10 Shopee must-haves for this season!

This Storage Bean Bag Hammock

Everyone loves to swing in a hammock, but how about a three-in-one hammock that is convertible from beach comfort to a convenient storage? That’s right! That’s hammock has can swing, can sit on, or can store your belongings.

This Wooden Frame Sunglasses

There is only one secret to look cool on a hot beach. And that is to wear cool shades, but not cooler than sunglasses with wooden frame. Stand out amongst the crowd and make everyone jealous of your unique bamboo shades!

This USB Antif Backpack

Tired of messing up your organized bag just to pull out the power bank? Well, there’s a good solution for that. Don’t bring your phone! But if you feel empty without social media, then just use this USB Antif Bag and you don’t have to open your bag to charge your dying phone. Plug it on the side and stroll like you’re a walking power bank.

These Quick-Dry Aqua Shoes

Kick the signboard saying, “Watch out for sea urchins!” and replace it with, “Sea urchins! Watch out for those quick-dry aqua shoes!” These quick dry aqua shoes will keep your feet and colorful nails safe from anything sharp underwater. Plus, it dries super quick, so you don’t need to worry about the squishy feeling when you get out of the water.

This Beltbag with Rain Cover

It is always wise to separate your regularly used items from the backpack. However, having a separate shoulder is equally burdensome. Your only choice is to bring a belt bag. However, it would be a waste for your charger and power bank to soak wet when raining. Luckily for this one, it has its own rain cover.

This Waterproof DSLR Shoulder Bag

A DSLR bag should be waterproof. If not, might as well not place it in a bag. This waterproof DSLR shoulder bag has comfortable handle and divider to keep things organized, and easy to grab.

This 3-in-1 Bluetooth Tripod

If you’re looking for that Instagram-worthy shot to impress your friends, then you’re gonna need this 3-in-1 Bluetooth Tripod. It can hold both your phone and your DSLR, plus it can be controlled via a remote control. So, you don’t have to ask for a random stranger to take your incredible poses.

This Foldable Picnic Mat

This foldable Picnic Mat is the most portable mat there is. It’s got a very own storage that you can simply attach to your backpack, and huge space to fit all your food and friends! As a bonus, it comes with water-resistant features to keep you dry even if the ground is soaking wet.

This 8-Person DIY Camping Tent

If mountaineering is your summer thing, then invite all your friends and explore the world above! It’s more fun going mountaineering in a group, and the perfect group consists only a number of 8 people. Fortunately, this band of eight will fit perfectly inside this 8-Person DIY Camping Tent. What a surprising coincidence!

This Ergonomic Inflatable Pillow

This pillow bag may not be your common circular bag. You may, however, won’t believe that this bag is the right bag for travelling. It is ergonomically designed to relax your head and your neck, and ultimately to relieve stress. Besides, what is a vacation if not to kill stress. This pillow bag is also inflatable and can fit right in your pocket.

Are you excited to spend the most enjoyable vacation ever? If yes (obviously yes), then we have a treat for you! Use the promo code BSUKIWAZZUP and get Php 80 off your total bill at a minimum spend of Php 400. Get your summer wish list now while it lasts!

The Shopee 5.5 Super Sales starts now until May 5, 2018. Visit Shoppe official website, Facebook, and Instagram to keep yourself updated with the latest promos.

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