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Avail of the Free Preventive Maintenance of Asus Premium Care for your Asus Laptops


It’s almost a year now when I bought my Asus Zenbook UX530U for my blogging and online video content creation work. I’m happy with the performance of this light but powerful notebook for use with  my video editing, a bit of gaming and writing tasks.

All premium Asus Laptop units like ROG and Zenbooks are covered with 2 years warranty as part of Asus Premium Care program. The notebook should have been purchased from an authorized local reseller, the warranty has not been voided, and the serial number can be verified through the ASUS system database or registered on-line.

During the 2 years period, there is one free of charge preventive maintenance (PM) that can be availed. I was invited to try out this preventive maintenance so I went to the Asus HQ to get my notebook serviced.

This is what they did to my notebook for PM.


Premium Care Preventive Maintenance Steps

Step 1: Overall System Diagnostics

Step 2: Thermal Compound Re-pasting
Thermal Compound Re-pasting replaces the thermal compound that binds the CPU & GPU to the heat sink and cooling system. It improves the cooling of the CPU & GPU for better performance.


Step 3: Fan and Air Vent Cleaning

Cleaning the fans and the vents, removing dust and other particles helps with the airflow of the cooling systems for performance.

Step 4: Memory Golden Pins Cleaning

Step 5: Keyboard Cleaning

Step 6: Cosmetic Part Cleaning

Step 7: LCD Cleaning

Step 8: Recommendations

Step 9: Final Over-All System Check-up



Asus authorized service center have trained technicians that knows how to repair and maintain Asus products.

They have access to the internal Asus Technical Support website that shows them how to disassemble, service and assemble each type of Asus products.



At the end of the PM, I was happy because my notebook sports a new look like it was just out of the box when I bought it! Outside, it’s cosmetically like brand new and inside well serviced clean to keep the system performing at its best!



Customers must go through the booking system and acquire a reference number by contacting Asus Call Center via (02) 7985700 or via chat through My Asus App and prepare the following requirements:

– Customer Information: Name, Contact number, email address and customer location

– Unit Information: Model, Serial number and Proof of Purchase (Purchase date)

Turn around time is 2 working days, GSM Units are excluded and OS & Software (3rd party applications etc) excluded.

If your laptop is outside the warranty period or is voided by customer induced damage, you can still avail of the preventive maintenance service by paying PHP 2,995.

You can avail of the Asus Premium Care nationwide at the following Asus Authorized Service Partners (ASPs):



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