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A Blogger’s Top 10 Shopee Wishlist

They say a bloggers job is easy, basically, it’s just writing or attend events. However, what most people realize that being a blogger shares the equal burden as a novel writer.

Other than thinking about how to rewrite press releases or create an original content itself, there are other problems a blogger faces every single day. One is the daily hustle and bustle of the big city just to attend events. Not to mention the dangers the might happen on the road. Plus, sitting long hours in front of the computer easily hurts the eyes and the back.

All the blogger needs are comfortable travel and house equipment to make life easier. Luckily, these can easily be found in Shopee. Here is the top Shopee Wishlist that fits perfectly with bloggers.

This Powerbank with LCD Display

The problem with most power bank is we can’t be sure if two bars are enough to survive the day. This power bank with an LCD display just has the right solution for that. It displays the actual percentage of the power bank’s remaining battery.

This Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Music is perfect for writing. It relaxes the mind and sometimes gives you ideas on what to write or add something to your vocabulary. Sometimes, a wired headphone distracts your focus especially when it sways side to side or stretch your neck.

This Hard Drive Case

External hard drives are expensive. And it would be a shame if they break because your hands are slippery, or you accidentally sit on it. There are worse things that can happen so make sure it’s very well protected.

This Foldable Mini Fan

Turning the air-conditioning all day will only boost your electricity bill and not your blog. This foldable mini stand fan is a real lifesaver. It can be twisted into a different direction to keep you and your computer cool.

This 3D Sound Surround Speaker

If a headphone is not your thing, you can always invest in a sound surround speaker. However, there are quality speakers that offer the same quality but comes cheaper. For example, this mini 3D Sound Surround Speaker will make other think that you have an expensive sound system.

This Portable Camera Stabilizer

Taking videos is hard especially when your hands are tired of writing. The only thing you’ll capture is the shaky face of your subject. Luckily, you have this camera stabilizer that comes in with flash and microphone holder.

This Waterproof DSLR Backpack

Everyone thinks that owning a DSLR is cool. But, truly, it isn’t. Other than it’s heavy and bulky, you also have to carry its little accessories to fully utilize it. That’s why every DSLR owner needs this waterproof DSLR Backpack that can carry everything and organized.

This Portable Utility Bag

You’ll never when you’ll need a pair of pliers or screwdrivers. Your vehicle breaking on your way to the event is one thing. There are also cases that your gadget hangs up in the middle of the even, and there’s no way around it but to open your phone and make a manual reset.

This Foldable Laptop Desk

Sitting all day can be a pain in the back, especially when you have too many articles to write. However, when times that your body tells you to rest and decides to lie in bed for a “short while,” your day is done for. Having this foldable laptop desk can help you bring your work to bed and rest your back at the same time.

This Comfortable Keyboard Pad

You’ll know a person is in front of the computer all day when the finger and palm callus is thicker than a crocodile’s skin. Callus may be a good thing, but the real burden goes to your radiocarpal joints. In case you didn’t know, that’s the joint connecting your hand and your arm. The keyboard comfort pad will help level your joint to the height of your keyboard and reduce callus at the same time.

Whatever your profession, Shopee is your one-stop shop for making life less stressful. Other than buying, Shopee is also a perfect platform to setup an online shop. Be part of the Shopee team and enjoy the Shopee Suki Program where you can treat your new buyers with special discounts using your unique voucher code!

Make sure you to create an account in Shopee and shop using the mobile app. Follow them on their official Facebook and Instagram accounts for latest news and promos.

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