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ECC Ties up with UPH with the aim of providing a new Japanese language program

Recently, ECC of Kita Ward, Osaka City, Japan headed by President Katsumi Yamaguchi teamed up with the University of Perpetual Help with the goal of providing Japanese language studies here in the Philippines. ECC is a comprehensive lifelong learning institution.

In the hopes of employment in Japan, the number of neighboring Asians taking interest in learning Japanese has risen as seen in the annual increase in registered test-takers for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). In the Philippines alone, 14,062 people registered in 2017 which signifies an increase of 21% over last year.

The “UPHSD *4-ECC Nihongo Program which pertains to the education contents provided by ECC involves mobile educational tools, e-learning materials, & classes employing ECC’s Japanese educational method. It is one of UPH’s extension programs and aims to help students learn the Japanese language in the shortest amount of time and help get jobs as soon as possible. The e-learning program is made more effective by including an English class held once a week by a Filipino teacher. The said program costs lower and is priced for the average Filipino student.


As labor forces decrease in Japan resulting to an increase in the need to hire additional foreign workers, and as more Japanese companies conduct operations outside their own country, the demand for the Japanese language is expected to increase soon.

The University of Perpetual Help sees this partnership as a chance to a great partnership with a known Educational company.


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