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The Muhlachs return for “Isa pang Chickenjoy “

If there’s one thing Aga Muhlach has in common with his family, it’s their unanimous favorite when it comes to fried chicken; nothing else but Jollibee Chickenjoy.

From L to R: Jollibee Brand PR & Engagement Specialist Celina Tan; Asst Brand Manager Shaun Si; Marketing Dir for Flagship Products Cathleen Capati; Global Chief Marketing Officer and Philippines Head of Marketing Francis Flores; Aga, Charlene, Atasha & Andres Muhlach; Senior Brand Mgr for Chickenjoy Joseph Aruta; Assistant Brand Manager Pamie Cruz; and Brand PR & Engagement Mgr Cat Triviño.


Jollibee has not only been close to Aga’s heart but also to Filipinos worldwide. For four decades, this fast food giant has always been a hit to our taste buds with all the wide variety of food introduced. However, the crispylicious, juicylicious, gravylicious Chickenjoy is the most synonymous with Aga. As he always say, he eats it “laman muna, balat later”. Its taste appeals to all ages, through different generations.

Aga and Charlene recalls their first Jollibee commercial together


Just like any Filipino family all over the world, the Muhlachs consisting of Aga, Charlene, and their twins Atasha & Andres consider Jollibee Chickenjoy as the centerpiece of bonding moments through the years.



Aga has been seen in countless Jollibee TV advertisements together with his family. In the most recent one, he is seen reminiscing precious moments in his past brought about by Chickenjoy since it has been a big part in their family bondings.


Joseph Aruta,Jollibee Senior Brand Manager for Chickenjoy, talks about how Jollibee and the Muhlachs’ reunion celebrates the Philippines’ most popular fast-food chain’s 40th anniversary this 2018.


Filipinos treat mealtimes as the perfect family bonding and that goes the same with the Muhlach family. They celebrate each other’s company by sharing stories over a delicious meal.


‘Mula noon, hanggang ngayon’

The recent ad for Chickenjoy signifies a reunion with Aga Muhlach. He always had a close association with Chickenjoy since he was still a bachelor when he appeared in fun, memorable Jollibee commercials til now that he is a family man.


“Talagang mula noon, hanggang ngayon, Chickenjoy has been a constant presence in my life,” Aga shared. “Not only because of all the projects I did with Jollibee, but because it really is my favorite fried chicken. From the crispylicious skin to the juicylicious, malinamnam meat that you dip in the gravy, Chickenjoy really hits the spot when it comes to flavor na ‘di ko malilimutan.”



Atasha and Andres Muhlach talks about their fondest childhood Jollibee memories


Aga shares the same fondness for Chickenjoy with his twins who first appeared in Jollibee commercials since they were little. Now that they’re teen-agers, people are surprised to see them grown up.

“And the twins really do the ‘isa pa! isa pang Chickenjoy’ thing because they really love (the product). They grew up with Chickenjoy, and they know that when it comes to fried chicken, talaga namang best sa sarap ang Chickenjoy,” Aga stated.

“Throughout the years, Chickenjoy has always been a classic favorite for many Pinoy families because of the unparalleled flavor and dining experience it delivers,” said Cathleen Capati, Jollibee Marketing Director for Flagship Products. “The love for our crispylicious, juicylicious, and gravylicious offering is something that one grows up with, and is eventually passed on to the younger generation, like with Aga and his family. This tradition of heartwarming family moments made even more joyful with Chickenjoy is something that we at Jollibee hope to encourage and foster for the years to come.”


There’s nothing like celebrating family time with the Chickenjoy. The crispylicious & juicylicious fried chicken is available for dine-in, to go, delivery, and drive-thru in all Jollibee stores throughout the country.

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