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Star Cruises: welcomes Manila passengers in a 6-night voyage with no visa requirement

Star Cruises announces that SuperStar Virgo, a 269-meter cruise, will arrive in Manila for the summer months from March to May 2018 – with absolutely no visa requirement!

SuperStar Virgo welcomes all Filipinos and foreigners alike in a 6-night luxurious, calm and relaxing travel in the sea leaving all troubles and the stressful busy city life behind. Imagine spending days on the sea, watching the calm waves and breathing nothing but cool sea breeze.

SuperStar Virgo Travel Destinations

The promising no-visa requirement will take you to other countries you dream of visiting. The cruise will be offering two travel destination package deals.

The first package starts at Manila port then a day spent cruising the high seas. The following two days are dedicated to visiting Naha in Japan, and Keelung in Taiwan. The fifth day will be the returning trip through the high seas and expected to dock in Manila port on the sixth day.

The second destination package will also depart from Manila port, spend the next day relaxing in the high seas and arrive in Ishigaki, Japan on the following day. On the fourth day, the cruise will again set sail to Keelung, Taiwan. After that, the voyage back home will commence and spend another day at the high seas and will arrive in Manila port on the last day.

Cruising with Luxury

There will be a nightly live performance of the ship showcasing some of the world’s best entertainers including singers, acrobats, and magicians. She is also equipped with all the luxurious necessities everyone needs such as dining outlets, retail shops, pampering activities, and entertainment facilities.

The huge pool with giant slide located on the top of the cruise ship is also a must-visit. Not to mention the unobstructed view of the stunning ocean sunset fading into the horizon. Every angle of the ship is Instagram-worthy, and a great way to travel brag to your friends on how you spend 6 days in luxury.

Catch these dates and learn how to cruise with SuperStar Virgo

On March 30, April 14, 19, 24 and on May 4, 14, and 29, 2018, an exclusive offer will be available providing the 3rd and 4th passenger with a free-ride if you book for the Inside State Room, Ocean View State Room, or the Balcony State Room. There is also a free balcony upgrade during the mid-season sailing.

On April 14, 19, 24 and on May 4, 14, and 29, 2018, a 20% additional Senior Citizen discount will be offered.

For inquiries, call (02) 8366080 or visit their official website.

-Irone from ironeXplores

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