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Panasonic celebrates its 100th year, Introduces new models of air-conditioners

Very few companies has reached the 100 year mark and Panasonic is one of those, signifying its stability and the high quality of its products. With the slogan “A Better Life, A Better World”, Panasonic is definitely making the the world a better place to live in.

Panasonic has surpassed challenges of the times and maintained its global leadership through the century. It all started with the desire to help. Through the years it continued to make living easier by providing technology that made housework lighter, preserved food and kept it fresh, transformed our living spaces into comfortable abodes, entertained us, tidied our homes, helped prepare sumptuous meals, and ultimately preserved memories. Panasonic has done all these thru continuous research & development.

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation

PMPC has not only helped the Philippine economy thru its signature quality in its refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners, and electric fans, it also provided hundreds of jobs for our fellowmen.

Air Conditioners with Japan Quality

A new line of air conditioners is recently introduced by Panasonic, one that addresses solutions to every consumer need. Window type air conditioner models has the inverter technology combined with anti-bacterial core filter, powerful mode, and sleep mode settings.Meanwhile, the split-type air conditioner models display powerful innovations from Panasonic. The Nanoe technology deodorizes, removes dust, and inhibits growth of viruses and bacteria.

Another excellent feature is also included in the split-type models. The Econavi technology can identify absence of human in a room as well changes in their movements and activity levels. It also adjusts the cooling power for prevention of energy wastage.

Panasonic has paved the way to a better life for all and will continue to do so for another century.

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