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Marion Aunor Looks Forward to a Brighter career with Viva

Recording artist, songwriter, and producer Marion Aunor recently inked a deal with Viva Artists Agency.

Back in 2013, Marion Aunor won third place in Himig Handog after being picked from 2,500 songs from the auditions. Since then Marion has gained recognition in the entertainment industry. She has received awards for her albums and singles, wrote songs for other Filipino artists, sang with performers here and abroad, and conducted performances outside the country. Among the awards under her belt are two Awit Awards, twelve Awit Awards nominations, & several nods from the music industry.

In the beginning of her career, Marion states that she was exploring music genres and was searching her own sound.“At first, I was doing a soulful, relaxing, sound,” she shared, “but when I came up with my second album, I went for a sexier and edgier sound, and then recently, I tried EDM. But now, I’m going back to my roots and focus on [pop-ballads].”


Marion feels that her move to sign with Viva Entertainment is the appropriate move for her career and that Viva will help her achieve her dreams. . “Viva can point me to the right direction. Here, I can be myself and improve my craft.”

Marion also added, “what I plan with Viva, with Boss Vic’s advise, is to focus more on Tagalog songs, different from the international sound I got used to. I actually already tried writing one, entitled “Ikaw Parin Ang Pipiliin Ko.” I felt challenged, but I told myself I could do it. I was so nervous when I turned it in, thinking my Tagalog lyrics weren’t good enough. but it turns out, everyone really liked it.”

This year of the dog, 2018, is something to look forward to for the young singer. An extended play record (EP) with more Filipino songs is in store for her as well as a possible movie. Beaming with delight, Marion shares, “I don’t really know what’s in store for me yet, but I’m just very excited for all the opportunities about to come my way.”

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