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Sea-based Engineers and Healthcare professionals are highly paid overseas according to Workabroad.ph

Filipinos are getting more in demand abroad and is probably accredited to our reputation as hard-workers and dedicated to our professions. When it comes to health care, we take care of other people like we care for our own. Asians, in general are known to be good in Math and Filipinos are a testament to that. We produce not only top-quality engineers but also excellent IT professionals.

Last 2017, the following professions are the highest paid: sea- based and land-based engineers, healthcare professionals, and IT professionals which is according to a report by Workabroad.ph, an overseas job portal.

According to the report, a shipmaster can earn as much as Php99,000 in the US,  a chief engineer – Php96,000, while a chief officer – up to Php92,000 per month. In the Middle east, land-based engineers can earn as much as Php57,000  while in the Asia-Pacific their salary can go as high as Php59,000.

In the Middle East, health care professionals are highly paid. In fact, pediatricians earn as much as Php86,000, and nurses about Php65,000. Meanwhile, veterinarians’ salary can go as high as P58,000. In the Asia Pacific, IT professionals with or without experience are paid up to Php54,000

Countries where most Filipinos are deployed

The survey last year shows that Saudi Arabia tops the list where Filipinos are deployed most. Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman also belongs to the top 10 countries in that category. Malaysia and Taiwan replaced Brunei and Australia in the top countries of deployment for 2017.

Skilled roles that are in-demand

Opportunities abound for Filipino skilled workers since jobs related to general work, engineering and food/beverage/restaurant service are the most in-demand. Electricians, drivers, auto, air-conditioner, plumbing, refrigeration, and maintenance technicians are in demand too. Meanwhile, engineering-related skilled roles specifically electrical technicians and mechanics are highly needed. Cooks, baristas, waiters/waitresses are also sought after.

Carpenters, caretakers, and household service workers are in demand in Asia-Pacific. Among the other positions needed to be filled out are jobs related to engineering such as technicians & technical operators and in the manufacturing or production operations segment.

In the US, skilled workers are needed while sea-based engineers are much in demand and provided with high compensation. Engineers are sought after in both the Middle East and US.

Advice for Filipinos who want to work abroad

The findings accumulated from last year’s survey points out that Filipinos who want to venture abroad should be work-ready and must familiarize themselves with their possible country of designation most especially the Middle East because of the higher chances of landing a job there. The PEOS Online modules can provide enough information for the said subject. Also, reliable information can be gathered from Philippine Overseas Employment Agency and Workabroad.ph.

“Moreover, because majority of the demand abroad is for skilled workers, aspirants will benefit from taking skills-based courses from tech-voc institutions. Aspirants can also get ahead of competition by getting the necessary work experience in the Philippines before applying for jobs abroad. This is because overseas jobs usually require experience.”

Visit ww.workabroad.ph to know more about the Overseas Salary Report.

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