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Myrtle Sarrosa – Secret on How to Achieve a GSM Blue Calendar Body

The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Grand Winner and smoking hot cosplayer is now the newest model of GSM Blue Calendar.

Myrtle Sarrosa was unsure of his physical attributes in becoming the model of GSM Blue Calendar. Not long after, she concluded the all-new definition of being sexy.

It’s Not About The Shape

“I have learned that sexiness isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude,” says Myrtle and discussed a deeper understanding of being sexy, “sexy is not just about your body, your weight or the clothes that you wear because there is no one-size-fits-all definition for sexy. We each have our own incredible curves and body structures. Sexiness is embracing these unique parts of you and bringing out the best of it through proper diet and exercise.”

Myrtle did not just want to be fit, but she also wants to become a good example to all the ladies by promoting a healthy lifestyle. She noted that a proper diet is not just about losing weight, it’s about losing weight the right way.

She committed to a 1400-calorie diet that is high in protein and low in carbs. He meals are often egg whites, chicken, fish and beef. She avoids eating low-fibre rice, bread and corn. Myrtle does not deprive himself of food and actual eats every three hours stating that she burns it in the gym, anyway. Her main purpose is to build muscles and tone her body.

Myrtle was trained by Bok Santos – GSM Blue calendar girl trainer and other Kapamilya celebrities.

My Brokenness is My Strength

Love also played a part in Myrtle’s preparation to become her best self. She admits that the unstable love life somehow pushed her to do more. Only proves to show that girls really do wonders when they’re broken hearted.

Her brokenness became her strength to do better and stronger in both physical and emotional aspects. She even pulled a few “hugots” of her own, “Siguro sa sakit na pinag-dadaan ng puso mo, namamanhid na din muscles ko. Hindi ko na nararamdaman ang pagod. After weeks, I saw great amounts of progress and results in my body and I also got to sweat out the sadness.”

For Myrtle, the most important part of a workout is to do it not for other people but for one’s self. Anyone can achieve their dream body if they focus and stay committed to their workout, diet and rest.

“To girls who get their heart broken, instead of crying, go to the gym and better yourself,” thus is Myrtle Sarrosa’s last advice.

Irone Kim of ironeXplores

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