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Epson Singapore – Latest Product Innovation for Both Commercial and Industrial Sector

The 35 years of Epson marks the unveiling of the company’s true potential. This year, they showcase a variety of astonishing products such as Moverio smart glasses BT-350 and BT-2200, T3 industrial robot, a digital textile printer and other innovations.

Epson Singapore commits to strengthening their business and office segments by continuous improvement on their products. The company performed a noticeable staggering growth of 11.3% CAGR from 2015 to 2017 in Southeast Asia.

“Epson takes a unique approach to innovation and business and is backed by a long history of artisanship and attention to the details. We are moving to expand our focus and deepen our efforts to serve the high growth potential markets in a range of business segments,” says Tanaka Toshimitsu, Managing Director (SE Asia), Epson Singapore. He added that they aim to continue to bring innovations to their business customers that will deliver on precision and performance and to push the boundaries of imagination and possibility.

From Inkjet Printer to Industrial Robots

The relentless innovation of inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics has placed Epson to the top by providing smart and environmental-friendly technologies. According to Futurescource, Epson remains the top market leader for projectors.

The company is dedicated to improving their products via technological innovation. One of the leading products of Epson is the inkjet printer. Just recently they launched the WF-C20590 – a high-speed and high-productivity printer that minimizes cost.

Also, this year, Epson launched Moverio BT-350 and Moverio Pro BT-2200 – smart glasses the will cater the needs of both industrial and commercial sectors.

Another breakthrough in the industrial sector is Epson’s new T3 series SCARA robot. This power-saving robot can conserve up to 30% of energy. In effect, it reduces the total cost of ownership.

Epson pursues in developing robots to see, sense, think, work, and react like humans in different situations.

-Irone Kim of ironeXplores

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