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TURN ON LIVES: FOXlife PH and Cora Cares Outreach Program

October 10, 2017FOXlife Philippines, previously Star World, in their aim to TURN ON fun, entertainment, and laughter in home television, extends their services into “Turning On Lives”.  In partnership with Cora Cares led by Antoinette Taus, accompanied with her brother Tom Taus, and fellow local celebrities Carla Humphries and Alexander Godinez, together with Cora Care volunteers, went to the poorest and most unfortunate community in Metro Manila – the Payatas.

The packing of food and school supplies for donation to the poor children of Payatas was done in Salu Restaurant, Scout Torillo cor. Scout Fernandez St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Payatas, also known as the Smoky Mountains, is where all the garbage in Metro Manila are dumped. The foul smell and potential diseases that these tons of garbage carry, does not stop our unfortunate brothers and sisters from settling there. These people make their living by scraping and recycling anything they find in the garbage – can it be food, something they can use at home, or something they can sell. “Pera sa Basura” is their motto. Every garbage truck that dumps a new set of garbage in Payatas is a spark of hope to them.

Cora Cares aims to bring smile and hope to the children who is currently living the life of Payatas. Some of them barely eat, some of them cannot afford going to school, and some of them probably have serious health and psychological issues being left ignored. Cora Cares believe that changing the world comes from the heart of every single person. One good act from a single individual matters.

Antoinette Taus said: “We want to turn on that power to really open up our hearts in the humanitarian world every single day. Just the same way that we post about food, fitness, fashion, fun and friends, we really want to let people know that it is important to turn on to that aspect as well, on helping others and putting others first. It should be part of our daily routine the same time that we think about everything else for our own well-being. We help others, we heal them, and in the process, we heal ourselves, and the whole world. This is all about showing the people that it can be done. All it takes is for people to care, and to take action.”

“People think that one person won’t make a difference, but, for example you do a beach clean-up, and there are fifty thousand people. If each person picks up one straw, how big of a difference would that make.” Alexander Godinez added.

Looking at the children’s eyes, we can literally see a reflection of sadness. The outreach program may not entirely solve their daily problems, but somehow it sparked a symbol of life. For once they could taste good food, use brand new school supplies, and let them feel that somewhere somehow, someone is thinking of their well-being. What FOXlife and Cora Cares outreach program did is a moment to treasure.

A big salute to FOXlife, Cora Cares, all the volunteers and media, and especially to the locals in Payatas who made this outreach program successful. It was heart-warming and truly a humble start in shaping the world.

Cora Cares is open to all people who wanted to help them in their mission. If you like to be part of this community, feel free to reach them in their Facebook Page WeAreCora and PlanetCORA, or follow them in Instagram @WeAreCora and @planetcora.

Make sure to check in FOXlife Asia and TURN ON entertainment, fun, laughter and LIFE.


-Irone Kim of ironeXplores

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