September 28, 2017 – at Below Events Place in New World Hotel, Makati, ASUS Launched the new ASUS ROG gaming laptop GL702ZC. I am an avid fan of video games, and this innovation of ASUS ROG really placed them on top of all gaming laptops! Led and introduced by the Asus Philippines Country Manager George Su, and Joey Nocom, Asus Philippines Country Product Manager.

ASUS Republic of Gamer (ROG) is truly the Choice of Champions, and the No. 1 Gaming Laptop for the past 10 years. Since its launch 10 years ago, its users has grown 10 times the number and estimated at 4-5 ROG Laptops being sold every hour, base on the 10-year sales report. ASUS ROG aims to target mainstream gamers by offering them a high-performance affordable laptop. It’s 8-core and Ryzen Processor is a true beast being unleashed. Although, GL702ZC has already been introduced into the market, the most awaited part of this launch is how much Asus is willing to sell this gaming laptop equipped with their new processors.

Let’s head directly to the product features. ROG GL702ZC is the first gaming laptop powered by 8-core 16-thread and the new Ryzen processor.


Price:   PHP 99,995

Color:                      Myst Black
Processor:              AMD Ryzen 7 1700, 8C/16T, 65W
Graphics Card:      AMD Radeon RX580; 4GB DDR5 with VR Support
OS:                           Windows 10
Memory:                1TB HDD 7200RMP + 128G SSD / Max 512GB NVME
Display:                  17.3” IPS FHD (1520X1080) 75Hz, FreeSync – Anti-glare and wide-view technology

Price:   PHP 64,995

Color:                      Myst Black
Processor:              AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 6C/12T, 65W
Graphics Card:      AMD Radeon RX580; 4GB DDR5 with VR Support
OS:                           Windows 10
Memory:                1TB HDD 7200RMP + 128G SSD / Max 512GB NVME
Display:                  17.3” IPS FHD (1520X1080) 120Hz, FreeSync – Anti-glare and wide-view technology



I’m not a laptop expert, but here are my thoughts on this ROG GL702ZC.

  • This is perfect for mainstream gamers who can’t afford a high-performance desktop. With the help of Ryzen and 8-core processor, ASUS made a laptop with a comparable performance of gaming desktop, at a fair price.
  • It’s lighter than other 17-inch high-performance laptops, but thicker than most 17-inch laptops.
  • 8-core and Ryzen processor is not only for gamers, but also for professionals who use software that takes a load of Memory and Processor. Your task manager graph will look pretty.
  • FreeSync feature is a plus. It still requires calibration though. It showcases better performance compared to V-sync, which has been an issue in gaming laptops when dealing with FPS lag.
  • RX580 Graphic Card don’t sit well in a laptop.
  • The design is like the usual ROG laptops with mostly black and orange. The only difference is the Myst Black effect when the backlight is turned off.
  • Keyboard is not actually suitable for gamers, but for professionals. The spacing between keys is a little bit cramped, especially the arrow keys and the numpad where gamers usually operates. There is a high chance that you’ll press the wrong keys.
  • I have no doubt with the IPS Screen. It’s still the best screen for me in terms of color display.
  • ASUS maintained their coolers – two big fans. Which is a bit noisy, but not entirely an issue when it comes to cooling function.
  • The battery does not meet the processor demands. Battery life may drain easily.
  • Not actually a carry-to bring laptop because it’s heavy, not to mention its bulky charging cord.

During the launching of ROG GL702ZC, they tested its performance by holding a Tekken 7 Tournament. They call it Tekken Shots, where the loser drinks a shot of tequila. Anne Mateo, the Brand Ambassador and known as the Gaming Goddess, was also present during the event.

At this point, ASUS GL702ZC is the only gaming laptop that features 8-core and Ryzen Processor. It’s a momentous change in gaming laptop industry. However, it still looks like a hybrid, making the unique processors its main and only selling point. We’re expecting more from Asus in the following months, and hope they can utilize the full potential of 8-core and Ryzen processor by upgrading its other features as well.

Irone Kim of ironeXplores

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