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Breakthrough MFGM Pro now in Improved Enfagrow A+ Four

Almost 90% of brain development  happens during the first five years of a child’s life and this is one of the most crucial stages. These stages build the foundation and this is when a child becomes a person they are going to be. From birth to age five, their brain develops more rapidly than any other time in life. Parents not only invests time and effort but nutrition as well to nurture their children. The good news is, the newest breakthrough in pediatric nutrition is here.

Held at Green Sun Hotel last August 29, 2017 a new innovative breakthrough by Mead Johnson Nutrition, the world’s leading nutrition company for babies and children, announced the introduction of  milk fat globule membrane (MFGM), in the new and improved Enfagrow A+ Four.

MFGM supports cognitive development, immunity and gut health, according to studies. It can also positively impact behavioral regulation or also known as EQ development in young children.

“Indeed, this is our biggest breakthrough since we first introduced DHA into our products inthe early 2000s. With MFGM, we are bringing pediatric nutrition to a whole new level,” saidChris Ritchie, General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition, Philippines.

“This allows us to help parents prepare their children, particularly in the aspect of IQ and EQ development, for the demands that the future may bring.”

To date, Mead Johnson Nutrition is the only company to introduce  the breakthrough ingredient MFGM Pro in their milk Enfagrow A+ Four. Children are now prepared for their future as Enfagrow A+ Four and parents partner up to develop their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ).


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