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Xian Lim’s Concert – Songs in the Key of X Concert was Xceptionally done!

5 reasons why you will love the concert of Xian Lim:

  1. The fans started it and the story of how they were brought together to promote Xian Lim and Kim Chiu is so inspiring. Some said it started by 1 fan wanted to buy his album then they started to join forces. They are now around 200 in number and they all got together to fund and arrange this special concert for Zian Lim.  They had their first successful event with LizQuen and Xian Lim a few years ago at a successful concert in New York. This concert in manila is their 2nd project for Xian and a lot of the members flew from the US to support and watch Xian Lim again but this time in Manila @ the Solaire theatre.

Video Interview here:

2. The love story between Xian Lim and Kim Chiu – I sat in the same row as Kim Chiu and was able to take some videos of her while she was watching her Beau Xian Lim and some segments when Xian Lim went to her and sang to her.  Kilig moments were there and it was  great to see her supporting her boyfriend Xian Lim.

3. You will see Xian Lim approaching the fans and making time for them. You will see Xian Lim giving out the hats to the audience. You will see how much Xian Lim wants to give back to his fans. So this is also the real reason I believe the fans truly support Xian Lim because besides his talent and great personality, He knows how to be grateful to his fans. I interviewed some fans and major supporters of Xian and they said that Xian really gives time to them and values them.

Case in point: The Finale – Xian shows his love for the fans and the fans give a lot of love to him as well!

4. The guest singers were of high quality and different eras and genres. KZ Tandingan, Jona sang her song from pusong ligaw and had a good blending with Xian Lim for their number. Matteo Guidecelli sang with Xian and mentioned that Xian will treat Kim better than Justin Bieber. (funny moment) Martin Nievera was the surprise guest at the last part of the show and he sang a medley of some of his popular hits plus “Never Say Goodbye” with Xian Lim.

5. Direk Alco Guerrero pitched the idea of songs in the key of X to Xian Lim one time after a hosting duty of Xian Lim and this was the result. The concert showcased all the songs that made up the journey that Xian Lim took in his career in music and showbiz plus his life as an artist. He danced with the Hashtags, sang with co-celebrities, played the piano, the trumpet, the electric guitar, and most of all he showed his love for life, for Kim Chiu and the fans who helped placed him where he is right now. So all in all, It was a great concert that was enjoyed by all. Congrats again to Direk Alco, Xian Lim, and all the producers of the show.



Thanks again to the fans of Xian Lim and Wazzup.PH for inviting me to cover this event – David Rich Valor. #Showbizlight

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