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Wansamazing day at the press conference with Awra,#kissmarc,#dickcarmi et al!

Wanapanatym – The Amazing Ving – a new superhero serye will launch today July 22, 2017

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This is a teleserye about family values. 2 child breakout stars past and present play the role of dad and son. Roderick Paulate and Awra top bill this series along with the love team of Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo who have a super active fanbase in the netiverse. Carmi Martin is happy about her comeback with her classic tv show partner Roderick Paulate and they both shared they are single but happy since they both have a great relationship with Christ. They teased about asking the question what if after all these years, they will end up with each other.

Awra – the 2016 and 2017 breakthru child star who also won in “Your face sounds familiar” was a superb talent and this was shown also in his dance/comedic moves during his introduction at the press conference. He was not expecting to be cast as a superhero with harness type action moves but welcomes it with open arms. He is also so happy to be working alongside Roderick Paulate as Coco Martin advised him to copy Dick’s style of comedy previously. This fact was reiterated twice during the press conference.

Kisses and Marco are the contrabida classmates of Awra at the start of the teleserye but Kisses will have a change of heart in the middle of the series and be a good friend of Awra (Spoiler alert)  Carmi Martin is the supportive mother but will be hypnotised to be a villain by the main antagonist of the show – Bianca Manalo who will play a role that required her to have body painting. She will be a slithering/snakish villain. This is also her first time to play a villain role. Roderick Paulate also revealed that this is the first time he will play a father with a comedic flavor and he is proud to work alongside Awra.

Another thing I noticed after sharing some videos in the youtube, is that the fans of #Kissmarc are very passionate and that Kisses Delavin plus Marco Gallo are really kind and sweet in real life. So they are also a great fit for making this show by dreamscape successful in terms of buzz.


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KissMarc invites you to watch Wansapanatym:

#kissmarc Bait nila Wacky shot!

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Wansapanataym” press conference with Awra, AC Bonifacio, Bianca Manalo, Kisses Delavin, Marco Gallo, Roderick Paulate & Carmi Martin. Venue is at Restaurant 9501 ELJ Bdlg. Call time is at 12nn. See you Kapamilya!


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