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Robbie’s Deli in a Hurry: fun and innovative food in the wall

A new attraction for foodies has just opened this July. Ever imagined getting your favorite fresh meals any time of the day in an instant? What’s more interesting is, gourmet meal choices are prepared by Chef Sau del Rosario, a well-known chef. It’s definitely a first for the Philippines! Robbie‘s Deli in a Hurry has just arrived. It is located in Pampanga, one of the country’s culinary centers that features personalities engaged in the food industry.

Built on the concept of vending machines, RDF Feed, Livestock and Foods Inc., the quality fresh meats manufacturer based in Pampanga and headed by CEO Robert H. Lo, operates Robbie‘s Deli in a Hurry aiming to provide fast fresh food aimed at the working professionals who have no time to wait in line. It’s a fun and better way to serve and buy food.

“We at RDF understand the need of dining customers to have access to good food at the shortest amount of time.  With Robbie‘s Deli in a Hurry, customers can enjoy high quality food that is freshly prepared daily at price points that suit their budget,” said Lo.

It is a vending machine wall with a kitchen. The wall is replenished with food every two hours maintained at a temperature of 62° F. Customers will need to buy tokens from the store priced at Php 25 each. Meals are displayed on the wall with glass compartments and just like a regular vending machine, the coins are used on coin slots in the shelf with the chosen meal and the button corresponding to it should be pushed, then–voila–a hot freshly cooked meal in a flash!

The meals are available in three types:


Includes Pan de Embutido, Quezo de Pan de Ham and Pork Tokatsu with Egg: meals that are quick and filling (P50)

2.Lunch Box 

All-time Pinoy faves like Barbecue and Sisig, (PhP 75 to PhP 100)


Mouthwatering dishes such as Honey Glazed and Cheesy Beef Stew crafted by esteemed culinary genius Chef Sau Del Rosario (Php 175- Php 200)
If you’re looking for an awesome and more convenient food experience, visit Robbie‘s in a Hurry at SM City Clark Pampanga! Meals are available 24/7!
How It Works 

The Man Behind the Gourmet Dishes 
Chef Sau Del Rosario

Raffles Hotel in Singapore, Equinox in Swisshotel, Restaurant L’universe in Nice, France, Le Devellec in Paris, and Luna in Shanghai: These are just some of the prestigious hotels and food outlets that availed of Chef Sau del Rosario’s culinary expertise giving him the reputation of the country’s most prolific young chef.

Chef Sau grew up in Pampanga where culinary centers abound and food business thrives. His father has such influence in him that he and his nephews took up studies at the Culinary Institute of America where he also went to. In addition, he finished Hotel and Restaurant Management at UP.

He had stints at Westin Philippine Plaza and Edsa Shangri la hotel, become a senior Chef at 29, appointed Chef Gundlach protege and finally becoming a Sous Chef at Manila Peninsula. He also took the role in developing, executing and maintaining the culinary standards of Jaan and New Asia Bar and Grill, which are Equinox restaurants in Singapore. Chef Sau went back to Manila and headed the Museum Cafe where he introduced signature dishes like Artist Plates. In Nice and Paris is where he took his studies further to perfect his skills in French cuisine.

Home is where his heart is. Chef Sau later on decided to come back to his homeland and worked for Venezia, an establishment owned by the Ayalas.

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