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Great weather for Spider-Man

July 8, 2017. Aboitiz hosted a block screening of Spider-Man: Homecoming at the Century City Mall, Makati, where Spider-Man himself graced the event.

Photo by Yeti Q.

A photo booth was set up for those awaiting entrance into the cinema. The wait was a show in itself, as the friendly neighborhood spider-man gamely posed for and with his fans (and enemies).

Tony Stark Peter Parker
Iron Man, Vulture, Spider-Man

He certainly made this boy’s day. The kid was grinning from ear to ear while wrapped up in his hero’s arms. Spidey can definitely double as a babysitter.

Playing with Spider-Man
Photo by Yeti Q.

Aboitiz fueled moviegoers with popcorn, hotdogs, and drinks from Taters. This was enough to keep our tummies quiet during the little-over-2-hour feature. A trivia game was also held before the start of the show.

Popcorn cinema food
Photo by Yeti Q.

The Marvel movie itself was light and fun. The endearing protagonist (played by Tom Holland) and his funny best friend, Ned (the perfect role for Jacob Batalon), kept us laughing until the inevitable showdown between the spider and the Vulture (Michael Keaton). It wasn’t too heavy on the love story either, which was a welcome treat. Be sure to stay for the teaser at the end of the credits.

Cupcake Spider-Man
Photo by @checkedintonow

As a parting gift, Aboitiz gave its guests Spidey cupcakes. And they have a present for the Filipino community as well.

WeatherPhilippines Foundation, established by the Aboitiz Group in 2012, created an app that provides free, accurate, and localized weather information. The foundation aims to promote disaster preparedness and to optimize weather knowledge for socio-economic growth and progress.

Download the WeatherPhilippines app now and be #WeatherWiser.

WeatherWiser AbotizPower
Screenshot from the app

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