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Cignal Raises the Bar for Filipino Entertainment

Gone are the days when Filipinos settle for the long running telenovelas with boring plots. Our taste has evolved and became sophisticated over time. Thanks to Marimar, Rosalinda et al, we have appreciated exotic ideas and currently we’re hooked on Korean culture. Entertainment is also available not just on television but on PC and mobile phone as well.

To compete, our local entertainment industry has to take the same route or show something better or revolutionary. Nothing else will appeal but stories that we can all relate to or the ones that are timely and intelligent, and the stories that show how globally competitive we are.

Cignal TV is stepping up and rising to the challenge. Producing its own brand of high quality, original content, the local entertainment industry is going to be shaken.

“With the almost 1.8 million Cignal subscribers, and with 65.9 million broadband and mobile subscribers available in the SMART/PLDT group, we have taken on the challenge of bringing fresh, relevant and intelligent content to the screens of Filipinos” says Cignal TV President, Jane Basas.
The content is not only mind-blowing, Cignal TV President, Jane Basas says it can be enjoyed not just on television but also on other platforms such as mobile phone, PC, and theater. Videos from Cignal Entertainment are assured that it’s all intelligent, relevant, and of high quality.


A first for its premier production is a relevant crime drama that Cignal Entertainment is proud of. “Tukhang” revolves on the controversial topic today which is the war on drugs and the drama that envelops it.

The characters in this drama includes James Blanco and Karel Marquez who struggles to survive in the drug war in our nation. It is directed by James Blanco and is a four-part series.

It is just the tip of the iceberg, Cignal entertainment promises to bring more equally awesome original and high caliber shows of different generes namely: Tabi Po, Advocasine 1&2.  Fans of Die Beautiful are going to be thrilled with the spin-off of the movie Die Beautiful — Born Beautiful.

Quality entertainment is assured, Cignal Entertainment has partnered with some of the country’s most exciting story-tellers: Unitel, Wilma Galavante’s Content Cows, Sari Sari Network, Percy Intalan’s Idea First, and Masque Valley Productions. Cignal Entertainment is opening its doors for collaboration with aspiring, young, up-and-coming content creators, producers, writers, and directors through Cine Filipino.

Watch out for “Tukhang’s” premier episodes this 22nd of July on Colours (Ch 60 SD, Ch 202 HD), Bloomberg TV Philippines (Ch 8SD, Ch 250HD), and Sari Sari (Ch 3 SD) on Cignal.


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