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Charo Santos Concio Chooses True Brilliance of MyDiamond


Diamonds are formed deep below the Earth’s surface where there’s an intense amount of heat and pressure. Just like a Diamond, Charo has shined and made her way to the top through hard work and dedication. Charo Santos-Concio has gone from being a beauty queen, an actress, a top-rating TV show host, a movie producer, and a CEO of a large entertainment and media conglomerate. Adding to her accomplishments is being a loving daughter, responsible mother and a good wife.

Beauty and brains, leadership, courage and a heart. It is these qualities that makes Charo belong to the MyDiamond family. And for an exceptional character like Charo, MyDiamond has a jewelry piece perfect for any occasion: rings,earrings, bracelets, and pendants– unique and exquisite creations.


MyDiamond does not settle for anything less. Each piece of jewelry from MyDiamond has received particular attention to detail from craftsmen who are internationally-trained. They are finely crafted and are of the highest quality, color, clarity, and certification.


Charo Santos-Concio is the epitome of beauty and success but has stayed grounded despite of it all. She is deserving of emulation, a woman of substance and is truly brilliant like MyDiamond.

As a young girl, Charo Santos-Concio was influenced by her mother to appreciate the value of accessorizing with diamonds. The lady boss shared that the first diamond she gifted herself was a ring and it made her feel empowered.

It is always a good piece of investment, a good piece of heirloom that you can pass on to your daughters, or daughters-in-law and even granddaughters. Owning a diamond gives you a sense of security.


As a modern-day Filipina Charo Santos-Concio differ from the norm that you have to wait for a man to give you a diamond and she imparted this message to young girls who wants to reward themselves.

You should be kind to yourself. One should love oneself without being self indulgent. Feel good. Owning a piece of diamond makes you feel good.
As an icon, Charo Santos-Concio is often asked about her beauty secrets and she spilled some beauty tips worth remembering.
Try a little kindness. Beauty that comes from within cannot be faked. It just comes out.
 She was also asked what type of jewelry piece she would wear at day time and night time.

I really go for the simple classic lines. You don’t have to call too much attention to yourself so for daytime a pair of good studs would do. For night time, you have to look at the context of the event you are going to.


Charo Santos- Concio also gave her advice on how to succeed on any career.

Believe in yourself. That cannot come from the world. Know your goals and pursue your goals. Dream on and work hard to achieve those dreams.

Both Liza Soberano and Charo Santos-Concio will be endorsing the entire line. If you would like to know more about MyDiamond, visit https://m.facebook.com/MyDiamondPH/https://instagram.com/mydiamondph, or visit their concept stores nationwide

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