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Fathers in Fords

Ford Everest

June 16-17, 2017. This weekend, Ford Philippines took three father-child pairs on the Ford Everest Extraordinary Adventure Media Drive – Father’s Day edition. Day 1 started at Ford Global City, where we met up with the team and each pair was given a Ford Everest for the trip.

We boarded our SUVs and headed for our first activity, test driving the Everest at the Ford Island Conquest in Bonifacio High Street. My dad let me take the wheel for this one. With our instructor in the passenger’s seat, I drove the car over some rumble strips and alternate bumps, which simulated the conditions we usually encounter on the road. We also stopped next to a gigantic speaker to test the noise cancellation feature. Windows down and you’ll hear the loud music playing right beside you. Windows up and we had no problem hearing Derek, our Ford sales rep, explain to us that the car emits sound waves to counter the noise around us.

The next feature, undoubtedly my father’s favorite, was the active park assist. Anybody who’s seen me park knows I suck at it, but this was literally a “look Ma, no hands” situation. The Everest steered while I hit the accelerator and the brakes as needed. In no time at all and with very little effort, we were safely parallel parked and my father’s blood pressure was at a normal level.

Park assist

Still on the subject of parking, the Everest Titanium’s rear view camera makes backing up into a parking spot feel like a video game.

The icing on the cake was water wading course. It showed us how the Everest doesn’t break a sweat when it comes to dealing with up to 800 mm of water. This will come in really handy, especially during the rainy season in the Philippines.

Activity 2 was ATVs and drones in Carmona, Cavite.

Mavic pro drone carmona cavite

The trail to the ATV driving site was muddy, but thanks to the Everest, getting there was a breeze.

Ford Everest

And if it’s a breezy ride you want, the Titanium model’s panoramic moon roof will give you just that. I opened that roof as many times as I could during the trip.

We then sated our hunger with a late lunch of tasty Thai at Lime and Basil. Papa and I both agreed on our favorite dish, the Tom Yum Goong. The mix of flavors was to die for!


Another thing we have in common is motion sickness. Thankfully, that didn’t hit when we went sailing at the Taal Lake Yacht Club, where Mang Ramon, our trusty sail guru, let me steer the Hobie. He initially let me control the main sail too, but took over because I kept getting us to the brink of capsizing. Apparently, safe sailing is not a skill you can acquire in an instant.

I am sailing, I am sailing 🎶 #FordEverest #ExtraordinaryAdventures

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Dinner was at Leslie’s in Tagaytay. After another filling meal and almost no sleep the day before, I could hardly stay awake. I was grateful that Papa still had the energy to drive us to Pico Sands Hotel in Batangas. After checking in and taking a much-needed shower, we were treated to a 60-minute massage at the Rain Spa.

Day 2 was more relaxed. We enjoyed a breakfast buffet then took a shuttle down to the beach. In typical Teddy style, he took this opportunity to fly his drone and photograph the scenery. I engaged in some picture taking of my own as well.


Thank you, Ford, for an Extraordinary Adventure. And to all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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