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Can’t Help Falling in Love is a masterpiece of a Romantic Comedy film! A Must Watch!

Having finally watched the film which was recently given a B rating, I feel that it deserves the highest rating.
Why? It was executed very well in terms of the storytelling, the acting, the script, the cinematography, and all the comedic lines were delivered well by the main actors, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.


They had a lot of kilig moments, and towards the end, you will feel the story as if you were there and learn a lot of lessons while you will want to re-evaluate your own relationships.


You will want to know if you really are in a good and loving place or is your own relationship a controlled one where you will never be able to please the high standards of the other one.


This movie also put a high value to how sacred marriage is in the Philippines and how hard it is to have the marriage annulled as well.

All in all, It should break box-office records and win all types of national and international awards! Congrats to Direk Mae Alviar, the writer – Kristine Gabriel, the creative Producer – Carmi Raymundo, Dj as Dos And Kathryn as Gab and Matteo Guidicelli.

6 stars out of 5

Good for the whole family!

Rewatchable over and over again!

A timeless classic!

Here is a video I took of the last scene of the movie with the reaction of the crowd.

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Update: Record breaking 33 million on the first day of showing!

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