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Alaska IronKids event – Fun Family sports event!

Joining a triathlon is a challenging and rewarding way for kids to get fit. Aside from mastering three sports in one, children learn the values of discipline, determination, hard work, sportsmanship and persistence while making new friends and having fun. It also allows kids to make the most of their time and energy instead of whiling away time by playing video games or browsing the internet. For many of these children, race day has finally arrived after months of preparation, as Alaska IronKids Philippines, the local junior version of the international triathlon series, Ironman, kicked off last March 11, at Wow Recreation and Activity Center in Subic Bay Free Port. Now on its 6th year, more than 150 participants from 6 to 14 years old joined the different heats of the Alaska IronKids.

Here are 4 interviews from the brand ambassadors and the coach of Alaska Ironkids Event.

1. Tara Borlain – the first of her family to join the Alaska Ironkids events 6 years ago. Here is an exclusive interview:

2. Samantha Borlain – the 2nd to join the triathlon in her family. She was inspired by her younger sister and she was so happy to beat Tara at a race that they competed versus each other. Bonus was that she sang with me at the end and her father was so happy about it as well!

3. Franchesca Borlain – the youngest of the three but she has the most potential. She answers in the interview that she needs to focus on her studies more and she affirms that sports are great to get to meet people, have a healthy lifestyle and to have all around fun rather than just playing with electronic devices (cellphones/tables) like most kids do nowadays.

4. Coach Ani de Leon-Brown is the Race Director of Alaska IronKids and the first Filipina to compete in Ironman World Championships. She personally trains the kids and she believes that these kids have the potential to compete in the future world Olympics.

5. Final words:

last March 11 was my first time to cover a sports triathlon like this one. We had to wake up early and cover the event from morning till the afternoon. Though I didn’t swim, bike, or run that much, It was like I also ran a 200 meter dash. I can see how great the families cheered for each other and made sure that their loved ones were able to make it to the finish line.

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