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Bakit Mo Dapat Panoorin ang My Ex and Whys Movie? Dahil …

My Ex and Whys Movie Review

Before my review and reasons for watching My Ex and Whys movie, here is a short brief.

Bakit List vs Dahil List

It is a rom-com that stars the popular LizQuen love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. It’s a story of Cali (Liza) who vented her frustrations of her failed previous relationship with Gio (Enrique), broken due to his infidelity, in a blog called “The Bakit List”. Upon a chance encounter with Cali, Gio returns to her life asking for a second chance. Gio learning about the Cali’s blog and social media account @TheBakitList hugot lines of questions of doubt, bitterness and mistrust, answers it with his own social media posts of @DahilListBoy. The exchange became popular racking up popularity for Brands to hire the two making them work together. Can Gio convince Cali that he has changed? Will Cali give him a second chance? Will Cali’s Bakits be answered convincingly by Gio’s Dahils?



So Bakit mo dapat panoorin ang pelikulang My Ex and Whys? Dahil ….

… Dahil Maraming Hugot Lines

If you are into hugot lines, the tweets exchanges between @TheBakitList and @DahilListBoy will definitely be a treat. In addition to that, of course are the dialogues between Gio and Cali.

When you choose to love, dapat tapat. Kasi kung mahal mo, bakit mo sasaktan?


… Dahil Makakatutuhanan Siya

As a real life professional blogger, I can attest how accurate the story of Cali as a blogger and social media personality. From dealing with brands/companies, fans, haters, fame and pressure, the narrative gives justice to the blogging experience.

Aside from the blogging and social media aspect, the love, the hate, the bitterness part of the story were based on real people’s story according to the director and casts revealed during the press conference.

The reality of unfaithfulness hurts as shown in the movie that made Cali asks Bakit? Love is not always the fantasy fairy tale story that we make to believe.

… Dahil Nakakatuwa

It’s definitely a rom-com! Gio’s playboy family from Dad to brothers will make you laugh with their “kakulitan”. Even Cali’s family and friends will keep you entertained. Of course, Ryan Bang will definitely be on top of your list. You will be definitely entertained.

… Dahil Ang Galing Ni Liza Soberano Umarte

Liza deserves a big clap for her great performance. Her grinding 8 hours take of the trailer part of “Pangit ba ‘ko? Kapalit-palit ba ‘ko?” under the watchful eye and care of Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina definitely polished Liza’s acting.

My Ex and Whys movie blogcon Lizquen Liza Soberano Enrique Gil-4212

Of course, okey din ang acting ni Enrique Gil! Level up na talaga ang LizQuen couple sa acting.

… Dahil Ang Natural ng Chemistry ng LizQuen Loveteam

Liza and Enrique #LizQuen chemistry is undeniable. Having covered them for years, I can see how their love team protons and electrons are bonded strongly as one element revolving around their “relationship” nucleus.  The chemistry makes every scene of the two very natural, whether laughing, fighting or loving.

My Ex and Whys movie blogcon Lizquen Liza Soberano Enrique Gil-4078-3

… Dahil Ang Ganda ng Korea scenes

I know its a formula now to shoot abroad but shooting in Korea definitely adds to the reason to watch the film. Aside from the strong story link to Ryan Bang’s character, the scenic and unforgettable scene at Nami Island with the line of trees with the falling leaves, the Korean wedding, the busy shopping district makes you want to travel to Korea!

… Dahil Maiinlove Ka

It’s a beautiful story of love but realistic!  From ups and downs, to high and lows, beginning to end, love to hate, mistakes and redemptions, mistrust to forgiveness, from love, to mistakes and to second chances!

Single, in a relationship, married or its complicated, makaka related ka sa love story na ito at ma-inlove ka rin.

… Dahil Kililigin Ka

LizQuen fan or not, I can guarantee kilig moments for you! Ha ha ha. Pustahan! I don’t want to post spoilers. Perfect date movie!


There are so many compelling reasons why you should watch this movie as I mentioned plus more. Star Cinema definitely hits the spot for this rom-com movie.

My Ex and Whys is a realistic modern love story that is so millennial but still grounded on the basic tenets of love and relationship.

So Bakit hindi mo pa nakapanood ng My Ex and Whys?


Dahil baka hindi maganda? Maganda! 4.5 stars out of 5 stars ang rating ko for this movie.

Dahil baka hindi sulit? Sulit na sulit! Tawa, lungkot, saya, kilig, at entertaining!

Dahil baka typical Pinoy movie? Hindi naman. Hindi ito mayaman mahirap love movie no! Modern ang story niya. Pang Millenial!


Dahil KathNiel, JaDine, KimXi, AlDub fan ka? Ok, I understand naman na we love and support our favorite love team. Hindi naman mababawasan ang pagka-fan mo if you will watch other love teams. Promise, mag enjoy ka.

My Ex and Whys now showing in Philippine Cinemas nationwide and soon in cinemas in the Middle East, Europe, Americas, and other countries. Don’t miss it.

So kayo, Bakit kayo nag-enjoy (or hindi) sa movie kung napanuod na ninyo?

Dahil … pakilagay na lang po sa comments 🙂


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