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#BeefyEverAfter: Anne Curtis Finds “The One” in Jollibee

Anne Curtis finds _The One_ in Jollibee (2)

White, elegant and luxe fabric all around. Suspending lush garland arrangements. A stunning wishing tree that doubled as a photo backdrop. At first glance, you would think that you’re in a magnificent scene of a wedding reception but truth was, we were in Jollibee, Glorietta 4 during a media launch to welcome another star to its ever-growing family of celebrity endorsers.

Actress, TV host and, all around performer Anne Curtis was introduced as the newest Jollibee endorser last February 15, 2017.

Anne has always been my most favorite local actress. She’s stunning, sweet, charming and undeniably gorgeous. She lights up a place just by her mere presence. She brings joy to everyone around her – making her the perfect endorser to one of Jollibee’s most loved products, the Burger Steak.

We all have a Jollibee story to tell.

From simple weekend family bonding to team lunches to birthday celebrations to random dates and even wedding proposals – Jollibee has been a significant part of our lives.

So does in Anne’s life.

Anne is celebrating her 20th year in Philippine show business this year and she couldn’t help but look back on when and where it all started.

You’ll be surprised and amazed to know that her journey to stardom began exactly twenty years ago, at a Jollibee store along Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong City.

A 12-year-old balikbayan visiting relatives from mother’s side, Anne was discovered by a talent scout while she was enjoying Jollibee’s signature treats.

“I remember having Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti,” said Anne, who excitedly recounted her ‘discovery’ story. “I wouldn’t be the star I am today if I was not eating at Jollibee 20 years ago. It’s just one of the reasons why Jollibee has a special place in my heart.”

Anne has finally found “The One”.

Anne Curtis finds _The One_ in Jollibee (1)

“Ang tagal kong hinintay. Parang ‘eto na lang talaga ang kulang sa buhay ko… when it comes to my work.” Anne had always  been vocal about being discovered in a fast food chain but she wasn’t allowed to specifically name it.  “Now I can finally say that I was discovered in a fast food chain specifically Jollibee!” Anne happily announced.

With a truly joyful discovery story, Anne believes that her Jollibee endorsement could not have come at a better time

When asked what makes her happy now aside from getting engaged recently to long-term boyfriend Erwan Heussaf, Anne instantly replied: “Burger Steak! Jollibee, my friends, my family, everything about 2017…”

Talk about destiny! No doubt, Anne and Jollibee are meant to be.

Anne Curtis finds _The One_ in Jollibee (3)

P.S. If you’ve found “The One” just like Anne, congratulations! If not, here’s to hoping you’ll find him/her soon. For now, feel the love as we leave you with Anne’s latest Jollibee Burger Steak TV commercial.




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