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Jamie Rivera’s “All About Love” Press Conference on January 25 @ Don Henricos.


The past years I have met singers and actresses who played the role of Kim. I interviewed Lea Salonga last year at the Best of Aliw Concert. While Carla Guevara La Forteza was my childhood friend who also played Kim. And, Mrs Menchu Launchengco Yulo who played Ellen at Miss Saigon Manila was my Trumpets playshop teacher last 2000.

Yesterday January 25, 2017, I was privileged to be part of a media and blogger’s conference with another singer who played Kim. This time I was excited to meet for the first time – Jamie Rivera!

For the past 3 decades, I bought her first vinyl single entitled “Hey It’s Me”, and the first album on cassette which had her original hits – I’ve Fallen for you, Mahal Naman Kita, and Hey It’s Me. It also had a track which wasn’t as popular, but a lot of fans like me are clamoring for its return entitled “Sana Minsan”.

Here is a clip of Jamie’s introduction to the press conference with the song “I’ve fallen For You”.


Here are clips of Jamie’s press conference:

Jaime Rivera invites people to attend the event at the link below:

The Inspirational Diva Jamie Rivera will stage “All About Love”, a valentine concert at the Grand Ballroom of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Pasay City on February 13, 2017 at 7 p.m. She will be singing songs that would touches the heart of the people.

At the press conference, she mentioned that her opening song for her concerts is the broadway song somewhere from “The sound of music”. Her closing song depends on the concert. If the concerts theme is inspirational, she usually ends with the song “We are all God’s children”.

Jamie also added that one of the secrets of staying with power in the industry for 30 years was to reinvent herself , and set goals for her career.

She started as a pop singer. After that, followed the Miss Saigon breakthrough by portraying as Kim. Then she started to sing inspirational songs.

One of the media asked her if she is threatened by birit singers like Frenchie Dy, she confidently said no. She wants everyone to excel in their passion. Jamie is bold enough to compete to other singers in the market, as she believes that she is a good package.

She served as a “mentor and voice coach” to several singers. In fact, she mentioned since she will have her 30th anniversary in showbiz this 2017; she would rather have other artists sing her signature songs like “Hey It’s Me” and “Mahal Naman Kita”.

Her main focus now is her family. She would dedicate a love song to her husband which would be “What Matters Most” if given a chance to sing a song for her loved one.

Jamie has gone way past the stage of falling in love for the first time like her classic songs.

She is one of the most successful inspirational singers of OPM, and was the first Star Music artist. It was mentioned that – so far no one else has transitioned from pop to inspirational in the current generation. I was so touched the way she lives her life for God and others. She is such an inspiration.

Jamie sings songs that are from Broadway, Worship and liturgical. This was the kind of music she loves doing, and that truly inspires me as a singer too.

I love pop songs, love songs, ballads, broadway, and Gospel music too.

Maybe that’s why God led me to join this event – to rekindle my love for music and for Him. All glory be to God, and thanks again to Sir Ted Claudio for allowing me to be a correspondent for this special event.

David Ricardo Ferro aka Rich Valor is a daddy YouTuber blogger/vlogger under Abober’s studio, which is a multichannel network of ABS-CBN. He is also a world extravaganza core member, whose group aims to foster love for music, and for anyone – to share their talent to the world. He started as a blogger, like Sir Ted Claudio with his own website at which focuses on his daily adventures. His Happy Rich TV youtube channel is focused on music, duets, and as a companion to his blog as well. Rich valor wants to encourage people as his main focus on the media – to be a salt and light to media.



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