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7 Reasons to Watch Saving Sally in MMFF


Watch out for December 25, 2016 as MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) unveils the touching story of Saving Sally. Behold as Marty (Enzo Marcos), an aspiring comic book artist pines for his best friend Sally (played by Rhian Ramos), a gadget inventor. Sally, however, has monsters for parents and an inconsiderate boyfriend (TJ Trinidad). In Marty’s fantasies, he conjures up ways of defending the love of his life from the big bad world.

And if that didn’t compel you to watch Saving Sally, I can think of at least 7 Reasons to Watch Saving Sally:

1) Family Friendly Film for Christmas


For everyone who wants to watch MMFF with the whole family, Saving Sally has been approved by MTRCB as Rated PG. Anyone, no matter what age, is allowed in the cinema. Well, so long as the below-13-year-olds are accompanied by a guardian, which is perfect for that family bonding you need this Christmas! With the 2D animations and playful imagery, people of all ages will surely enjoy the movie.

2) Live Action with 2D Animation


This fresh and fun look for film is unusual. Only a handful of films has been produced for a live action be interspersed so thoroughly with 2d animation. With comics as its core inspiration, you can just drown in the rich and vast art of  Saving Sally. Using blue screen technology, it achieved a magnificent aesthetic that was cultivated for another 6 years in post production.

3) Resonates with our core Coming-of-Age Stories

Everyone had these similar experiences growing up. Whether you’re Marty, or Sally, or even Nick the Dick, Saving Sally will surely tug at your heart strings with its familiar understanding to each of our thoughts, dreams, and people we have encountered.

4) Rated A by the Cinema Evaluation Board


The Cinema Evaluation Board is the film evaluating body of the Film Development Council of the Philippines. These renowned critics say that Saving Sally is a top notch film. Of course, with its epic graphics and excellent acting of all the cast members, it wasn’t a surprise that they garnered such a high rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board.


5) Support Local MMFF


A lot of people have clamored for a change in the MMFF lineup. Finally, the wait is over! But if we want to keep watching this kind of film during MMFF, let’s make sure to support the people who make them and show everyone how much it can touch movie goers and generate revenue. There is already talk that the current line-up would only be shown for 2 days instead of the usual 14 days before the “low-selling”movies be replaced by higher revenue generating films.

6) 10 Years of Pure Dedication and Passion


The director, Avid Liongoren, poured his heart and soul into making this masterpiece. Everything that he ever did for a decade was concentrated into creating a film of love and art. How the film was put together is also anything but typical. You might as well call it “epic.” They began shooting as early as 2005 but production slowed down due to funding. Production came into full swing in 2010 on a blue screen, which was later replaced with a stylized Manila and 2D animated monsters created by Liongoren and his team of artists at Rocketsheep. Every frame, every background, every piece of art was painstakingly made. “What we lacked in manpower, we made up for with love in every single frame. We spent countless hours checking and rechecking every detail,” shares Direk Avid.


7) Heart Warming with A Quiet Energy


Unlike most films that get your heart pumping after the movie, Saving Sally fills you with warm fuzzy feelings that lull you into a contented pleasure. At its very heart, “Saving Sally” is a simple story about love and never, ever giving up told in a unique way that combines live action & vivid kaleidoscope-colored animation.

 Watch the trailer here!

Get ready to be dazzled and mesmerized, children, millennials, and the young-at-heart. “Saving Sally” will make you believe in love, comic books, and the monsters in our heads all over again. Bringing you a tale of young love and how dreams really can come true, “Saving Sally” opens this Christmas in cinemas nationwide.


Julia Antoinette


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