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Preserving and Protecting Taal Lake through Globe Of Good and PUSOD TLCC

The view of Taal lake at PUSOD TLCC in Mataas Na Kahoy, Batangas

Taal Lake and Taal Volcano has always been close to my heart, because I see it as a true miracle of nature and life. Having an active volcano reside within a lake, with the irresistible romantic sunsets and  is a mystical view for me, and no wonder a lot of tourists would love to check it out for themselves as well.

Sunsets at Pusod TLCC
Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center

With this, Taal Lake and it’s volcano needs to be protected and preserved. And Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center (TLCC) at Kinalaglagan, Mataas na Kahoy Batangas is the perfect place to enjoy life at the lake, . A plus when you stay there would be the point that you’re helping out the communities surrounding the navel of Batangas with the clean up within the lake.

This manual Sailboat was made a year ago by fellow bloggers for a couple of days, and was finished by the Batangeños 🙂

One of the nation’s leading Telecommunication companies, Globe, has partnered with PUSOD TLCC, as one of Globe’s Corporate Social Responsibility Activities is to support and believe in the advocacy of protecting, preserving and enhancing various ecosystems with in the country.

Globe participated actively with helping TLCC and neighboring communities by helping them diversify their means to make a living, teaching them how to give tours and more.


When you stay at PUSOD TLCC, aside from the lush forest and lake view, you also get a chance to try out different water sports like manual sailing, kayaking, wind surfing and Stand Up Paddle Surfing. They are taught by professional instructors, Michael Storer and Tono Legarda.


I got to try out stand up paddle surfing and I can say that is is a great workout because I really felt the burn in my core! It’s a bit difficult to get your balance at first but once you get used to it the rest is pretty easy. 😀 And no worries about drowning because the life vests can really hold you hence, you only need to get up on the board again and enjoy! 😀



We were also supposed to try out trekking at Taal, to get to the top of the volcano but sadly it rained, and it got too muddy and dangerous to trek up. So what we did instead is we got a chance to make our childhood dreams come true, which is to become a mermaid. 😀



Our teacher of the day is Ms. Arabelle, and I must say that mermaid swimming is pretty awesome. I got rid of my fear of drowning in shallow waters because of the way Arabelle taught us, and really, I can say that I now know my ways around the current! Here’s a video showing our adventures at Shercon Resort that day. 😀

Here are more photos of the accommodations available at PUSOD TLCC:

REAL Treehouse for only less than 2,000.00 😀


Mini Pool at the back! 😀


Another plus of staying at PUSOD TLCC is that you help the community and you also take part in helping out the ecosystem of Taal Lake, as part of the fees you pay for when there is donated to the community. 😀


Let’s help clean up Taal Lake Today! Check out PUSOD TLCC at Facebook or Air BnB for more 🙂

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