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Things I Didn’t Like About Imagine You & Me of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza – A Movie Review

imagine you and me movie review

Imagine You and Me is the AlDub love team Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza’s first solo starring movie.  It’s a romantic comedy set mostly in Italy produced by APT Entertainment, GMA Films, and M–Zet TV Production.



I was at the movie premiere to cover the Red Carpet and saw the movie as well. This is my quick review.

Things I Didn’t Like About The Movie

It’s commercial!

It was made especially for AlDub fans in time for AlDub’s 1st anniversary on July 16, 2016 and designed to be a box-office hit.

It’s not Kalye-Serye!

If you are fan of Kalye Serye, you will definitely will not see the formula used in this movie. According to the award winning director Michael Tuviera during the blogcon, one of the first decision of the producers when they were making the movie was that they did not want any aspects of kalye serye in the movie. So no kalye serye formula in this movie.

Some of Maine Mendoza’s Acting

Maine will definitely not get a FAMAS award for this movie. At the blogcon, Direk Mike said that he is not expecting much from Maine but expects more from Alden since he is more experienced.

That’s it! These are what I did not like about the movie.




Since that part is over, let me tell you what I loved about the movie.


Shot in the magnificent backdrop of  Como, Italy, I was taken to a beautiful setting ideal for a romantic movie. Great scenic, architectural, and aerial shots making it easier for you to feel that “Love is in the Air”. Como is that beautiful place that Hollywood actor George Clooney and Pop Icon Madonna lived and owned properties there.

Another location was Verona, Italy. With its picturesque streets and the world-famous Juliet’s House, with its famous balcony and statue of Juliet. Shakespeare set the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet in Verona for very good reasons.



The movie was inspired by Serendipity. Let me quote one of the comments in the blogcon videos posted on my youtube channel:

Autumn Callahan commented:

“Everything happens for a reason” (quote from Gara, Imagine you and me)…GALING nung “destiny” message- Tatay Tuviera visited Como, Italy 5 YEARS AGO and felt in his heart he must use this place for a movie- 5 YEARS AGO-Alden and Maine first crossed paths… A happy accident again on July 16,2015…Now the culmination of all the dreams, this First movie– Aldub is just so serendipitous, that’s why it’s bound to be matter what happens, FATE has it stamped in the stars!”

I don’t think I can add any more to that!



No kalye serye? Although fans will miss it but I think that made it better. Not to be stereotyped into the formula, it liberated Alden and Maine to have a better character roles in the movie. Beyond the plot of  Gara (Maine) and Andrew (Alden) crossing paths in Italy, the story has much depth. From the slower “Everything Happens for a Reason” establishing scenes, it progressed to Gara and Andrew meeting in Italy, how their relationship grew and much more. Every scene is like a brick being laid forming the story until the end. Or maybe like a shattered piece of puzzle slowly being put together. And when you are settled in your emotions in the movie, like walking happily in the street, you then suddenly fell into a manhole! That’s why I love it!



Cai Cortez and Cacai Bautista, the 2 wacky friends of Maine’s character Gara were definitely my favorite characters aside from the leads. They brought the house down and made it more enjoyable to watch!


Maine is the Main Attraction

Sorry Alden, forgive me, I’m a guy! Alden was great in the movie. Great acting! Kudos to Alden. He really charmed us with his character and acting.

However, the enjoyment for me is seeing Maine do her thing. Yes, she won’t win a FAMAS award for acting in this movie. She did not 100% get all the scenes to award levels. But for a beginner, she did very well.

Her role was not too glamorous. The beauty lighting and make-up was not much used on her. That’s the way I and most of Maine’s fan like her anyways. The natural beauty, funny, and wacky.

Most of the scenes were very natural to her and she excelled during those scenes as if she was not acting. She’s a natural! You will love Maine as Gara.

You will love her Dubsmash in the movie too.



It’s made to please AlDub fans. Yes, it was made for that! Then it’s a good reason to watch it if you’re an AlDub fan! The AlDub fans at the premiere were going wild sa kilig. Don’t forget to bring Oxygen 🙂 Just remember what Direk Mike asked: On-screen or Off-screen. (you might need to watch the blogcon for this comment)

How about for non-AlDub fans?  Hmmm, if you are not bitter you will definitely still experience the kilig not from AlDub / MainChard but from the story and characters itself.


My Ratings

I rate Imagine You & Me for AlDub fans the highest: 5 stars. It’s definitely worth your time and money. Believe me, I think you AlDub fans will not only watch it once, at least twice, thrice or more.

For non-AlDub fans, I rate it 4 stars for its great location, story, fun and romance. It’s definitely a good date movie!

Imagine You and Me is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from July 13, 2016.

Happy Anniversary AlDub Nation on July 16! Alden, Maine, Direk Mike have this great movie as a gift for you AlDub / MainChard fans!

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