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Kojie San Men: Saktong Pogi Night

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Last Thursday, June 02, 2016, I was invited to attend the celebration of Kojie San Men’s Saktong Pogi with “Saktong Pogi Night” at 12 Monkeys Bar at the Century City Mall, Makati City.

Does having a movie star looks really matter now in the modern world? Well, these days, a guy’s looks don’t really matter as much as his personality and characteristics. Girls nowadays think that guys who are independent-minded, goal-oriented, well-rounded, confident, multi-talented and of course, with good hygiene is attractive.

This what makes a guy Saktong Pogi.

The Saktong Pogi Night was hosted by  popular TV and events host, and radio jock Joyce Pring. The Saktong Pogi ambassadors are also present at the event, Wil Dasovich and Marco Ho aka Bogart the Explorer. Wil Dasovich and Marco Ho both gained local prominence with their Youtube channels, Tsong and Tsonggo and Bogart the Explorer from Davao City.

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Brand Manager for Kojie San Men, Meredith Villanueva-Balmes, also talks about Kojie San Men and the Saktong Pogi campaign.

Meredith Villanueva-Balmes expressed, “Kojie San en pursues the idea that being handsome isn’t measured solely by how phisically attractive one is. He can simply practice proper hygiene and good grooming, and be confident, and still be considered handsome.”

Proper hygiene and good grooming play a huge part in being ‘saktong pogi.’ And with its line of skin care products, Kojie San Men is here to help men become ‘saktong pogi’ – the best version of themselves –  by making available to them all the products they need for good grooming and hygiene,” she adds.

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The highlight of the event was a date with Jinri Park. She is a South Korean model, radio disc jockey and magazine columnist active in the Philippines.

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Two weeks before the events, an online contest was held via the Saktong Pogi Facebook Page. Five finalists were chosen as well as two friends for each finalist that will act as their wingmen.

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Jinri picked two and as a ‘tie-braker’, Jinri asked them again another question. Then she picked the winner based on her own judgement and criteria. The winner went on a date with Jinri, they had their special spot at the venue.

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Photos by Jocas D. Lozada




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