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Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona stars in first teleserye, “Born For You”

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ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Television Entertainment will prove that destiny exists and everyone are destined to meet their other half with their newest kilig series this June – “Born For You” an upcoming musical romantic drama television series directed by Onat Diaz and Jon Villarin, starring Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona.

Elmo will play Kevin Sebastian, a popular teen heartthrob and an actor in the Philippines. He is the son of the character of Ariel Rivera, Mike Sebastian. Mike is an OPM icon, who popularized the song “Born For You”

On the other hand, Janella will play Sam Kazuko. She is an aspiring Pinay singer who grows up in Japan. Sam believes the concept from Japanese folklore, the red string of fate. It says that an invisible string connects two people and are destined to meet each other.

The father of Sam, Buddy (Bernard Palanca), composed the song “Born For You” for Sam’s mother, Cathy. (Vina Morales)But the daughter of the country’s richest record label owner, Marge (Ayen Laurel), stole the song from Mike and gave it to Mike, hoping that he will win the man’s heart because of this.

Marge’s plan went well, she and Mike got married and gave birth to Kevin. On the other hand, Buddy’s family was suffering because of his sudden death, which is why Cathy went to Japan to work and to provide for Sam.

What fate awaits for Kevin and Sam? Will it be a happy ending? or will the string that connects them will be broken?


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Photos by Jocas D. Lozada


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