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10 Reasons Why I Recommend This Time: A Movie Review

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I was one of the lucky ones who got invited to the premiere night of the movie This Time that stars JaDine love team James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Check out my Video Coverage of the Premiere Night. After the success of OTWOL, the JaDine fans and OTWOListas are excited to see their favorite love team again in the big screen.


Ava (Nadine Lustre) and Coby (James Reid) are childhood friends who only see each other during summer vacation but developed a special friendship as they grew older in spite of their long distance relationship.

Here is the trailer of the movie.



There are several reasons why you should see the movie This Time, whether you are a JaDine fan or not.



The movie’s title This Time came from the popular song of Free Style “This Time”. It was very popular love song of the 90’s with great lyrics. For the movie, Jeric Medina revived the song. Jeric is a X Factor Top 5 Finalist and PhilPop 2015 Grand Winner.

This is the lyrics of the song:

Oh I’m Sorry girl .
For causing you much pain. Yeah
Didn’t mean to make you cry.
Make your efforts all in vain.
And I apologize.
For all the things I’ve done. Yeah
You were loving me so much.
But all i did was let you down.

Refrain I:
Oh,I really don’t.
Know just what to say.
All I know is that i want you to stay.

This time I’m not gonna let you slip away.
This time I’m not gonna let another day go by.
Without holding you so tight.
Without treating you so right.
This time I’m not gonna let go of your love.
This time I promise you that we’ll rise above it all.
And I won’t ever let you Fall.
I’m gonna give you my all this time.

Oh I never thought that i was hurtin’you.
Now I know that I was wrong.
Now I know just what to do.
Gonna try to be.
The best that I can be. Oh yeah
All I need is one more Chance.
To make it up to you – you’ll see.

Refrain II:
And there’s one more thing.
That you oughtta know.
All I know is that.
I don’t want you to go.

Repeat Chorus 2x



Screenshot 2016-05-04 03.21.39

It’s a RomCom! The wacky family of Ava (Nadine Lustre) are played by Al-Tantay (father), Candy Pangilinan (mother), and Yam Concepcion (sister) in an eccentric house setup. Their family bonding moments are so funny! When I interviewed Yam Concepcion, she said that a lot of the lines were candid.



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This Time is JaDine’s first movie after the reel-to-real love team became official last February 2016. This Time it’s for REAL! In the interviews I witnessed, both couples said that they were more inspired to go to work and shoot the movie. It’s definitely reflected in the movie especially the love scenes. Their on-screen chemistry is so natural and REAL!



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One of the highlights of the movie is the Japan segment. The lovely scenery especially the Cherry Blossoms enhanced the romantic scenes of the movie.

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If you are a Jadine fan or an OTWOLista, brace yourself. If you have a heart condition, don’t watch this movie. You might die in extreme pleasure 🙂

With the kilig scenes so natural and so cinematic, it is definitely a treat for every fan!

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Under a new director that JaDine worked for the first time, the movie gives a fresh JaDine makeover. Direk Nuel Naval really impressed me on how this movie was so differently executed.  Less “pa cute” and more natural JaDine.



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I was first worried about it being Rated G. How about the “signature kissing scenes” of JaDine that made them different from other teen love teams? But after seeing the movie, it was so well executed that even IF the movie was without a kissing scene, the kilig was still so much there.

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The bright side of it being G is that you can bring the whole family to watch it! It’s a great family movie as well with great display of family bondings and values. The whole family will enjoy it.


8. RATED “A”

this time movie review

Being rated “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board gives the movie much credibility on the quality of the movie! I definitely concur!



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Not from any Wattpad or romance pocketbook, it’s a original script. No more predictability, and everyone is guessing until the end. It’s a great story of young love, love distance relationship, and faithfulness.  It’s not too “teenager” compared to previous JaDine movies. Very relate-able and enjoyable to all ages.




Another great reason to watch This Time: you might get lucky and win a car if you watch it at SM Cinemas!



If you are convinced to watch THIS TIME, the movie is now showing in cinemas nationwide from MAY 4, 2016.

So are you convinced and going to watch the movie? Let us know in the comments section.


Photo credits: Viva Films

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