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Stay Charged and Connected with Lifemate Solar Chargers and Powerbanks

Rugged Ride Adventure with Lifemate Solar Panels, Chargers and Powerbank

Last April 26, 2016, me and my EATgetaway bloggermates, Enzo Juan Luna, Azrael Colladilla were invited by Powermac to a rugged outdoor adventure to Pinatubo.

Here is a video of our adventure at Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake:





Stay Charged and Connected

You can now merry your outdoor adventure lifestyle with your  can’t live without gadgets lifestyle. It’s easier now to stay charged with Lifemate outdoor power solutions. No more fear of running out of power during long hiking or camping trips and still have your mobile, tablets, usb-powered gadgets powered up.

Lifemate products are not only capable of powering up your devices but one thing special with them is they are designed for the outdoors: protection against heat, dust, moisture, water and other elements that can ruin your power supplying gadgets.


Adventure Rugged Power Banks

Whether you’re in dire need of a power bank that significantly extends the battery life of your mobile phone during long treks or a high-capacity power saver designed for activities that might involve water splashes, Lifemate saves the day with its waterproof qualities and crash and heat resistant features.

Lifemate Powerbanks and Solar Panels PowerMac Outdoors Sports--7 Lifemate Powerbanks and Solar Panels PowerMac Outdoors Sports--8 Lifemate Powerbanks and Solar Panels PowerMac Outdoors Sports--9
Lifemate powerbank products are designed to stand the test of weather conditions and enable you theeir products in an adventure-packed life.

The have 3 models: Power Eagle (HB R06), Power Bear (HB-R12) and Power Lion (HB-R24)

All of them use the safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LFP) which gives these powerbanks a competitive advantage against other products in the market that are susceptible to damage from harsh environmental exposures.

All the 3 power banks have water-resistant capabilities rated at IPX8, which allows the product to withstand constant immersion in water and stay for up to 1.2 meters for an hour.

They are also drop-proof and dust-proof to keep you entertained and connected on the beach, boat or the mountains making them an ideal outdoor activity power source.

Power Eagle is lightweight and palm-sized, with a capacity of 6,000mAh. It is ideal for daytime and overnight excursions, and is designed for easy duration outdoor sports like hiking, fishing and kayaking.

Power Bear, with its medium-sized capacity of 12,000mAh, is suited for most extended outdoor activities including yachting, ski trips and off-road excursions.

Power Lion, on the other hand, supports a 24,000 mAh capacity that enables users to enjoy long-term outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and mountain climbing.


Solar Panels / Chargers

Lifemate solar panel chargers powerbanks--18 Lifemate Powerbanks and Solar Panels PowerMac Outdoors Sports--17 Lifemate solar panel chargers powerbanks-06


I used the 2 panel Apollo I solar panel charger to charge my Sony Action cam which run out of power while hiking at Pinatubo. In less than 2 hours with its 1 A output it added some power back to my power drain action cam.

Other Apollo solar panel charger models have 4 or 8 panels to provide 2.1A charging capabilities that can power tables or other higher power drain devices.


Lifemate for the Great Outdoors

Lifemate power banks, when combined with the Apollo line of solar panel chargers, can greatly prolong the battery life of your smart devices, giving hope to people who are often denied access to electrical outlets for days. This feature is also perfect for campers who need power banks to sustain their activities in the wild and for backpackers who are in for a long trek.

With these power solutions from Lifemate, you can carry all your technology with you while you’re having fun in the sun. Lifemate allows you to experience outdoor adventure in the most convenient way possible without being completely disconnected with the world.


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