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Caltex Treated X-Men Fans to the Power of X at the Delo and Havoline Event at SM Mall of Asia

X-Men Apolcalypse Caltex Havoline Delo
In partnership with 20th Century Fox for the most-anticipated blockbuster movie X-Men: Apocalypse, Caltex gave X-Men fans the chance to experience the Power of X at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium last May 20, 2016.

The Atrium of SM Mall of Asia looked like the X-Men School for Gifted Youngsters. Mall shoppers enjoyed exciting X-Men themed activities and lucky winners won exclusive X-Men gift bags.

Contestants participated in the Race to The Power of X arcade challenge such as the Release the Power of X hammer game and Match the Power of X challenge. X-Men characters were there as well for photo ops and selfies att the photo booth.
Caltex Havoline Delo

In the event, Delo® Sports with ISOSYN® Technology was launched.  Motorists learned about how to protect and maximize the power of their car engines at the Caltex Delo Sports product demo area.

“At Caltex, our customers are the cornerstone of our business. Every bottle of Caltex Havoline and Delo engine oil is imbued with the power to protect their engines and deliver optimized performance. To help our customers ‘Enjoy the Journey’ even more, we’ve tailored exclusive offers and activities to make every journey with Caltex an exciting one,” says Joseph Bronfman, CPI Area Business Manager for Lubricants, Philippines and Vietnam.

“This is also a very opportune event as we introduce Delo Sports, the latest from the Caltex diesel engine oil product family, which will allow motorists to experience the full power and performance of their diesel engines in their everyday drive.”

It was a very exciting, power-packed event with Caltex and X-Men releasing the Power of X for everyone to enjoy.

Delo Sports and ISOSYN

Delo Sports is specifically designed for SUVs and pick-up trucks. It provides enhanced engine protection and power even under the most challenging of driving conditions.

The ISOSYN® technology is a the combination of premium base oil and high performance additives that provides superb parts protection. It has high oxidation stability, excellent dispersancy and anti-wear characteristics that extends engine life.

It provides excellent deposit control which is a must for turbocharged diesel engines that encounters very high temperatures during on or off-road driving conditions.

It also has highest performance rating of API CJ-4.

Delo Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 meanwhile is especially designed for the latest models of sports utility vehicles fitted with common rail fuel injection systems where API CI-4 performance is required.


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