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The World’s First 4K TV with 8K Resolution is Now in the Philippines With Sharp’s AQUOS XU Series

Sharp LC-80XU930X with Android TV

Imagine a TV where you cannot see visible dots on the screen! A TV that is so detailed and lifelike that you might mistake it as the real thing! With this TV you can see every single strand of hair, shades of light and colors that has never been before in TV.

If you want a TV like this, the good news is that it is now available in the Philippines with Sharp Aquos XU Series TVs (LC-80XU930X/LC-70XU830X).  The series are 8K resolution TVs having a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels or 66 Million subpixels! Wow, that’s a lot of pixels.

The 8K resolution is achieved by using a Up-scaling Circuit called X8 Master Engine Pro that converts 2K and 4K image sources and upscales it to 8K.

In addition to the resolution, the Aquos XU series also boast of more colors. With its Rich Color Technology, it give a wider color gamut which means more shades of color (140% more) can be seen on the screen. With the new backlight system, it makes the picture more vibrant.

The contrast of the screen is a major factor in TVs. With the Ultra Dynamic Range Pro, you get ultra-realistic contrast which makes dark areas darker and bright area brighter.

The N-Black panel reduces the reflections produces richer blacks for greater contrast.

Do you watch a lot of video on mobile phones, Youtube, iFlix, HOOQ? Now you can easily watch these videos on the Aquos XU series TV.  Equipped by Android TV technologies Googlecast / Chromecast , enabled apps can be casted to these TVs.  You can also view your photos on the TV for better enjoyment.

For business and corporate, these TVs are also ideal presentation displays. You can cast your Powerpoint presentations from the phone to the screen and use your phone to navigate through the presentation.

Even the TV looks good with its ultra post design in your living room, bedroom or the boardroom.  The aluminum frame borders and the solid loop stand makes the TV standout.

It comes with a bluetooth touch pad remote control for better control and gaming experience. A normal remote control is also provided.

For sound, it has 10+10 watts speakers plus a 15 watts sub-woofer.

It has 3 USB, 4 HDMI and a MHL / HDMI v2 ports for connections.

The Sharp AQUOS XU Series is now available in the Philippines in all leading appliance stores nationwide. You may also visit their Website or like their Facebook page  and follow their Instagram page.

Check out this demo by KC Montero on how he uses the Sharp Aquous XU TV.





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