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Suzuki Ciaz: A Roomy Fuel Efficient Sub-Compact Car

Suzuki Ciaz BS (3)

The new Suzuki sub-compact car Ciaz combines the best of both worlds: great fuel efficiency and ample space for a car in its class.

Fuel Economy and Efficiency

The car’s body aerodynamics facilitates smoother airflow resulting to further fuel economy. The designs for the front and rear bumper corners, front grills, underbody, and trunk lid-end helps as well to achieve the car’s aerodynamic design.

Suzuki Ciaz Front Perspective 1

Ciaz’s has the same transmission technology used in the Suzuki Ertiga. In the GL Automatic and GLX models, the four-speed automatic transmission improves fuel-efficiency and optimizes driving performance with great transmission.

Suzuki Ciaz Front


Small But Roomy

Suzuki Ciaz Longer Wheelbase

Suzuki Ciaz BS (6)

In between Suzuki’s compact models and standard sedans, it has bigger door cutting, which increases the amount of rear seat leg space, headroom, and shoulder room making it more roomier and comfortable.

Suzuki Ciaz Legroom

Although a sub-compact, it has a spacious trunk with a luggage capacity of 495 liters that can be closed with an electromagnetic latch. It has a convenient boot light making it easier to see and arrange the cargo at night.

Suzuki Ciaz Trunks


Modern Electronics, Entertainment/Navigation Setup

Suzuki Ciaz Entertainment Console

The integrated multimedia audio unit comes with an Android touchscreen for the GLX, with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and wired USB connections to be able to connect your personal devices such as tablets and smartphones.  It is pre-loaded with applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, and the navigation app Waze.

Built-in to the steering wheel are Audio control switches for you to adjust the volume or the channel/station. Hands-free connectivity for answering and controlling your phone as well are there as well.

Suzuki Ciaz Keyless Entry Start Stop Push Button

Ciaz has a modern keyless push start system and remote door opener.

Safety Features

Suzuki Ciaz is a safe care because of its patented Total Effective Control Technology (TECT).  With a light but yet incredibly strong impact absorption system body, it keeps the driver and passengers well protected during collisions.

Suzuki Ciaz dual airbag

Equipped with Dual Airbags to cushion both driver and passengers during col

It is also equipped with Anti-Brake Locking Technology which keeps the car controllable even during/after sudden braking.



Suzuki Ciaz Specs



Suzuki Ciaz is an ideal car for the budget conscious. There are 3 models to choose from:

  • Ciaz GL Manual Transmission Php 738,000
  • Ciaz GL Automatic Transmission Php773,000
  • Ciaz GLX Php 888,000

For more info about the Suzuki Ciaz, you can visit Suzuki Philippines Auto website and like it on Facebook, Twitter and follow on Instagram.


Stay tuned to Wazzup.PH for a review and test drive of Suzuki Ciaz.

Photo credits: Photos from website & press kits.

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