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PHILEXCEL Business Park: An ideal site for all kinds of businesses


PHILEXCEL Business Park entrance

PHILEXCEL Business Park- the Philippines’ premium business park is located within the Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ) in Pampanga, one of the fastest growing investment destinations in the Philippines. PHILEXCEL Business Park is the largest in terms of area  and the pioneer investor of Clark Freeport Zone. Proving itself as a success story coming from the ruins of the Pinatubo Eruption in 1991, PHILEXCEL embodied the vision of its Founder Mr.  Jack Nasser, who was tapped by then President Fidel Ramos to help rebuild the place devastated by the eruption. Today, we can see how the ash and lahar flooded area has transformed into a 50 hectare premium business park that houses almost 200 businesses including manufacturing, call centers, data processing, warehousing and many more.

Being in this business since 1993, PHILEXCEL has learned a lot how to  deliver what the clients truly need to achieve and sustain growth.   Here are some of the advantages that PHILEXCEL Business Park has to offer to its clients as a result of their 23 long years of experience.


Less taxes

Less Tax for PHILEXCEL Business Park clients

Tenants are exempted from the usual local and national taxes, instead; a minimal corporate tax of five percent of the net income with allowable deductions is applied. Furthermore, tenants  get to avail different incentives coming from the government.


Facilities and services  PHILEXCEL Business Park facilities and services

PHILEXCEL is committed towards providing a secure, convenient, environmentally-sound, self-contained location with all the modern amenities at significant cost savings to their tenants. They are offered with office and industrial spaces depending on their requirements as well as pre-constructed units varying in size from 100 sqm to 10,000 sqm. Serviced suites, professional meeting rooms, wireless internet access, refreshments and administrative support are all available. Tenants expect reliable power, water and communication systems to ensure 24/7 operation.


Abundant Work ForceAbundant workforce at PHILEXCEL Business Park

Pampanga is home to almost 30 colleges and universities which produce 20000 graduates annually. These graduates turn into a substantial source of talented and English-proficient workforce. In partnership with the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) PHILEXCEL can provide support to tenants in acquiring the right manpower for their businesses.


Safety and securitySafe and secured environment

We had the chance to talk with  Mr. Yasuhiko Mizutani, the owner of Tanika Philippines Corporation, one of the tenants in PhilExel, according to him “Safety is number one consideration, not just for me but also for the workers. The others like lower labor cost and services are secondary. I found them all here. These is a very safe place for everything, we can focus on our work without any worries. The labor cost is absolutely lower, I had  a factory in China before but I had to move it to Philippines because of the constant increase in labor cost there.  Now I am inviting my friends in Japan to do business here also”.  PHILEXCEL security force is working with the Clark Development Corporation police in promoting the safety within the business park.


PHILEXCEL Art Center inaugurates Jack Nasser  CollectionNeo-pop artist Romero Britto and PHILEXCEL Business park President Ms. Ariella -Nasser Moskovitz for symbolics ribbon cutting

PHILEXCEL’s founder Jack Nasser was a patron of Mabini Art Genre named after Mabini Street and nearby Marcela H Del pilar Streets of Ermita and Malate. This art genre features a strong Filipiniana influence,depictions of human interest, landscapes, rural and street scenes, abstracts or religious and still life. One of the famous Mabini Artists was Gabriel Custodio who was trained in fine arts at University of the Philiipines and was apprenticed under National Artist Fernando Amorsolo and Teodoro Buenaventura.


PHILEXCEL Art center

When Jack Nasser passed, his widow Ariel- Nasser Moskovitz, PHILEXCEL President and Chairman of the board organized the art collection including paintings and sculptures and opened the Philexcel Art Center. The purpose of the art center is to bring Mabini Art to public appreciation as it was not so popular before. Mabini Art is one thing to appreciate because it reminds us about our culture and heritage being a Filipino. This Art Collection is truly recommended to everybody!


The Romero Britto art collection

Neo-pop artist Romero Britto signs his famous artwork "The Hug"
Neo-pop artist Romero Britto signs his famous artwork “The Hug”

Another interesting collection included in the PHILEXCEL Art center is  from the world renowned brazilan neo-pop artist  Romero Britto . What makes his art great is that it composes of vibrant colors, playful shapes and bold patterns  to express hope and happiness to its audience. This art collection is a complete match with the Filipino personality of being happy and optimistic.

In addition to the art galleries, there is also a great news for aspiring artists in central Luzon. PHILEXCEL Art center commits to providing an avenue for contemporary art to flourish in this region. PHILEXCEL Art Center offers itself to be a  space for  for artists to share their creativity to the public while encouraging aspiring artists of all ages to nourish and develop further their talents.


One of Romero Britto’s paintings called “Summer”, a very timely artwork for this season!
One of Romero Britto’s paintings called “Summer”, a very timely artwork for this season!


One of Romero Britto’s paintings called “Happy happy times”
One of Romero Britto’s paintings called “Happy happy times”


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