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Fast LTE Speed With Evoluzn FXPR2L Pocket Wifi Router From Smart

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How do you share your mobile Internet data? Do you just turn on your phone’s mobile hotpot? Yes, I do that as well!

The problem with this setup is my phone’s battery does not last very long. With the data on, plus the hotspot on, it drains the battery very fast. A pocket wifi router / Mifi is the answer to this problem!

I was lucky to test the new Evoluzn FXPR2 LTE pocket WIFI. This is one the two models of new generation of pocket wifi routers made in the U.S.A. provided by Smart Telecoms in their LTE data plans to their customers. With the LTE capability, you can get up to 45 mpbs of mobile data.

Evoluzn Pocket wifi from Smart -001

It can connect up to 10 smart devices like another smart phones, tables, laptops and other smart devices at the same time. If you connect a micro SD into its internal slot, you can also share/access the files stored in the microSD.

The best feature I like is that it has LCD screen that tells you info like signal strength, type of network connected to (LTE, 3G, G), battery level, number of messages, and how many users are connected. In addition, by pressing a button it can reveal to you the password for others to connect to your pocket wifi. That’s really handy so you don’t have to remember the password and dictate it to your friends you wants to connect to your pocket wifi.

Here is the technical specifications:

Evoluzn LTE pocket WIFI with data storage and LCD screen

  • Marvell USA’s PXA 1802 chipset
  • LTE ready
  • 2050 mah battery
  • Over the air memory bank feature
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Standard SIM card slot
  • Micro USB cable and charger

There are two variants: FXPR2L with LCD display and FXPR2 with just a LED display using icons

Check out Smart’s website for the latest plans and bundles:

In terms of support, the Evoluzn pocket WIFI routers include warranty and are serviced by MemoXpress store / service centers nationwide.

The  Evoluzn FXPR2 LTE pocket WIFI we tested was loaded with PHP300 Surf max promo via Smart giving me a week worth of mobile Internet  connectivity with Smart’s 4G network.

Testing it for a week convinced me that this pocket wifi is very good altern ative instead of using my smartphone as my hotspot / wifi router. My smart phone’s battery lasted at least 3 times longer. I usually have another phone, a iPad mini or my laptop with me when I go on the road. The battery life of its bigger 2050 mah battery made it last longer for hours. If it goes low-batt, I just connect it to my power bank.

Friends connected and sharing the Internet via my pocket wifi was easy and fast. Since the LCD shows the password when I press the power on button, I don’t have to dictate the passwords to them.  Performance was also very good when the reception of LTE from Smart is strong.

One time I was in ABS-CBN for a blogcon with Kim Chiu’s upcoming concert, I was able to do a live stream feed to the KimXi fans of the the blogcon at 480p resolution using my smartphone connected to the Evoluzn FXPR2 LTE pocket WIFI router !

That’s a testament on how great the performance of this pocket wifi router. I even have another phone connected to it while it was live streaming.

Visit the nearest SMART stores nationwide to check out and  buy any of the two models:  FXPR2L and FXPR2 from Evoluzn of U.S.A.

Highly recommended!


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