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Epson Gives back to the Community

Two things to Love about Epson

I have always liked Epson because of the quality of the product that they offer. Here are two things to love about Epson.


  1. Epson gives back to the community:

Last Christmas, Epson decided to provide a free show that would remind everyone the true meaning of Christmas. They projected an amazing Christmas story using a whole building as a background. The graphics were clear and crisp and the sound was fantastic. This helped give people around a joyous feeling of Christmas. Check out the projected Christmas Story below:


2. Epson is an environmentally friendly product. Epson states that they have a commitment to the environment that drives them to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable and energy efficient.

Epson follows three basic policies that makes sure they create innovative, environmentally friendly products.

a) Energy-saving designs

  • The power consumed while using the product accounts for a large portion of a product’s total environmental impact across its life cycle. They set energy-conservation goals for each product and work to ensure steady progress.


Resource-saving construction

  • During the design stage, efforts are made to minimise impact by reducing product size and weight and increasing the percentage of the product that is recyclable. Efforts are also made to simplify the recycling of products after they have been used.


Elimination of harmful substances

  • They specify substances that must be either excluded or controlled. Information is collected and managed in a way which is used to ensure safety in all processes, from design and procurement to mass production.
So, if you are planning to buy an Epson product, go right ahead. Epson loves to give back to the community and has a goal to help our environment stay safe and clean.

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