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3 Reasons Why IBEX Global is an Amazing Company to Work For

IBEX Global cook off - cook off group photo

When visiting the IBEX office one thing really caught my attention, THE PEOPLE. As I sat in the very colorful cafeteria where they were preparing a “cook-off”, I noticed how well the IBEX Global team members were working together. They were more than happy to accommodate everyone. This is important to me because most people usually dread going to work, but these members of the company were very passionate about what they do.

Listed below are the three reasons why IBEX Global is an amazing company to work for:

1) They integrate a better work-life balance for all employees

From the people answering the phones to the chef working in the cafeteria, IBEX cares for all of it’s employees. One of the employees that worked in the office wanted to be part of “IRON MAN”, a really intense race held around Asia, IBEX worked around this individual’s schedule and allowed them to train for this event. I think that is amazing because it gave the employee time to focus on his dreams and desire to grow as a person.
I also noticed that the chef of the company employed all his family members. I think that is pretty cool because it allows him time with his sons and his family while working.

Chef Joey and Son

2) They are concerned about the well-being of their employees

In this fast paced generation sometimes we do not have time to make food at home. Which forces employees to order food from outside like McDonald’s and Burger King. Although these are two very delicious places to eat from, it would be nice to also have access to healthy home-cooked tasting meals at work. This is what IBEX Global provides their employees. Executive Chef, Joey Cebrero, makes every meal fresh each and every day. Everything on the menu is made uniquely for that day, nothing is repeated from he previous day. Each recipe is well thought of and he follows these three simple rules, it has to be: HEALTHY, DELICIOUS, and FRESH. We got a taste of one his meals and it was healthy, delicious and fresh.

IBEX Global cook off Mongolian beef and battered fish
The pricing is very good as well, during my visit nothing on the the menu was more than 95 pesos. Everything is also very clean and tidy and colourful. In making fresh food everyday, IBEX hopes to help their employees lead a healthy lifestyle.

3) It’s FUN to work at IBEX

IBEX Global offers contests like IBEX Idol where employees can compete to become the top IBEX star. The IBEX idol has been going on for the past three years and they compete in all the four IBEX branches in the Philippines. THis includes Davao, which is pretty cool.

They also give amazing rewards to their TOP employees. Their last reward was a VIP getaway in Discovery Shores in sunny Boracay.

IBEX Global cook off

If I could sum up one word about my trip to the IBEX office in SM BF Paranaque, it would be PASSION. They are passionate about their people and passionate about helping others.
Congratulations IBEX Global!


Our Photos ops with Chef Joey

IBEX Global cook off - daphe and chef joey
Me, Daphne, with Chef Joey


IBEX Global cook off -chef joey and raf
Ralph with Chef Joey



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