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LiverMarin: A Dietary Supplement for a Healthier Liver


Socializing is one of the favorite past-time activities of Filipinos. Whether its eating out and/or drinking together with friends and family, we love enjoy good food and drinks socially. Oftentimes, we tend to overeat or indulge in fatty foods or consume lots of alcohol. This affects our liver.

To help in maintaining a healthy liver, a food supplement LiverMarin comes handy. It is a dietary supplement that contains Silymarin and Sodium Ascorbate. It protects your liver by acting as an antioxidant, promoting the growth of new liver cells while preventing liver damage.

For a healthier liver, take LiverMarin every day.


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  • nyll70

    the best tong livermarin

    ako bilang smoker and drinker of alcoholic drinks

    umiinom ako nito 3 times a day lalo na pag napapasabak sa inoman

    lagi ako may baon nito. ok to, kahit anong inoman basta may baon lang ko nito knabukasan magaan sa pakiramdam.

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