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Kamuning Bakery & Cafe: Modern Touch But Anchored on Traditions


I love the traditional Filipino neighborhood bakeries. I remember my younger days when in the morning my mom will ask me to buy pandesal for breakfast. I will go to the neighborhood “panaderia” (bakery) and get literally hot pandesal warped in “supot” (paper bag). During snack times, go their as well to get ensaymada, pan de coco, pianono, putok and other pinoy bakery treats. That’s why when I got invited to try out Kamuning Bakery, I was excited!

Owner, Wilson Lee Flores invited us through Digital Circles, to try out the bakery and the cafe. Meeting Wilson, a award winning journalist, was a pleasure. He was very accommodating. After the cafe’s feature in Kris TV, I think he is now a celebrity. I saw guest often asking for a photo ops with him.



The 76 years old bakery was established during 1939.  In December 2013, Wilson invested in reviving the bakery and setting up the cafe.

It has retained its signature brick oven “pugon” and the artisan way of doing its breads. Great selection of bakery products and people flock to the bakery to get their favorite breads. Famous people like President Corazon Aquino, national artist Nick Joaquin,  and TV host Boy Abunda to name a few are/were customers of the bakery.

The “Pan de Suelo” is one of the signature breads of Kamuning Bakery. You can compare it to the French baguette not in shape but because it is crusty on the outside but soft in the inside. According to Wilson, it was the way Pan de Sal were done before the Americans came.

Among the favorites I tried is the egg pie and the baked chicken ensamada.



Attached to the bakery is the Cafe. Adorned with refurbished old chairs and tables enveloped by light passing through the stained glassed windows, the ambiance is quite exciting but still relaxed. It feels like time stood still but you still feel you are in the present. I love the ambiance.

They serve great selection of food from all day rice breakfast treats, pastas, sandwiches and great coffee.

One of my favorite is their fried chicken. Served in 2 sizes: 2 or 4 pieces accompanied by bread, fries or both. The chicken is tasty already but wait until you dipped it in the buttery flavor of the gravy.

Pasta are one of their forte! The best seller sisig pasta can easily be one of your favorites as well.

Sandwich selections using pan de sal or their pan de suelo ranges from the classic kesong puti, vigan longanisa, and more. One of my favorite is the Noche Buena which features Christmas favorites of ham, cottage cheese and the pan de suero itself.



Using local coffee beans from the mountain province of Benguet brewed with modern Italian coffee machine, coffee lovers will definitely be satisfied with their offerings.


You have to try their artisan ice cream. Exciting flavors includes basil. You can have them as an ice cream sandwich in pan de sal.



Overall, Kamuning Bakery and Cafe is a great place to dine or just chill out for coffee. The ambiance of the place definitely will make you nostalgic. Selection of great food, coffee and desserts plus the bakery products will make it your while.

Kamuning Bakery-5329

If you see Wilson Lee Flores, the owner, don’t be shy to get a photo ops with him. He will be more than happy to be in your selfie or groupie.

Kamuning Bakery-5300

My wife and I did not miss the opportunity!

Kamuning Bakery-5321

Kamuning Bakery is located at 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st in Kamuning. For more info, visit their Facebook Page.

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