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Protect Your Hard-Earned Expensive Phone with Rhinoshield Crash Case and Screen Protector

iPhone protected by Rhinoshield Crash Guard and screen protector

You saved up and spent a lot of money to buy your dream iPhone phone or iPad tablet and then you accidentally dropped it! You will definitely get a heart attack or at least a heartache seeing what you worked hard for destroyed by a silly accident like slipping from your hand or dropped from your open bag.

Fear no more. there are lots of options to protect your valuable gadget from accidental drops.  The one I’m currently using is an Otterbox Defender.  Although it offered good protection, I find it bulky and heavy especially for the tablets. It is a bit cumbersome and totally changes the look and feel of the phone or the tablet.

Last July 17, we were invited to the product launch of Rhinoshield Crash Guard case. When I saw the product, I was immediately impressed. It looked like just like a simple wrap-around jelly case. However the high tech honey comb design is the secret to its surprisingly strong protection feature.

They demonstrated dropping the iPhone. I could not believe it and dropped it myself. The iPhone survived my repeated dropping and the phone is still intact and working.  It was not only me but other people curious about the demo repeatedly dropped the phone and it was still working.

Check out my video of the demo they did during the launch:

Also, check out these videos Rhinoshield did for the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S6:

What I love from this Rhinoshield Crash Guard case is that for a minimal footprint it can offer similar or better protection compared to other products with bulkier and heavier designs like the Otterbox Defender. Impressive!


Screen Protector

Another great product they launch during the event was the screen protector, Rhinoshield. Seeing the demo first time was unbelievable. Imagine dropping a  steel ball at the LCD display of a phone. I could not believed it survived.

What is unbelievable is when they showed me the video of a guy hammering the display.

So even if your phone or table drops display down, you are still protected.

Check out this video. Please do not do this on your phone without Rhinoshield protection!


Rhinoshield Crash Guard bumper case is now available for Iphone 5/5s/6/6+ and Samsung Galaxy S6.  The  Rhinoshield screen protector is available for iPhone 5/5s/6/6+,  iPad, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S6. You can buy them at Power Mac Center Stores, Applewerkz, Globe Gen3 Stores and online on Lazada.com.ph


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