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The New Jollibee I Love You Sabado TV Commercial on YouTube

Jollibee I love you sabado new tv commercial youtube

Do you guys remember this classic Jollibee TV commercial?

The Original I Love You Sabado TV Commercial


This Jollibee TV commercial came around the 1987.  The kids that time, who are grown ups now, will definitely have fun memories of that commercial. It has been a tradition for people to go out during weekends to the mall, the park, or just eat out.

Trivia: The cute little boy in that commercial is  Boy 2 Quizon.


Isang tulog na lang, Jollibee na naman
Ang araw lulubog, bukas mabubusog
Sa Chickenjoy manok at Yumburger bilog
I love you Sabado, pati na rin Linggo!
Hintay ka lang Jollibee, nand’yan na ako
Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee!



This July 3, 2015 Jollibee posted in Youtube their new TV commercial which is a revival of the classic I Love You Sabado commercial. The original melody was composed by Jose Manuel “Bob” Serrano / The Arrangement, Inc for Jollibee Foods Corporation.

Here is the new version:

The New I Love You Sabado TV Commercial

Did you enjoy watching it? For those who loved the original version, did it bring back memories?

I think the aim of Jollibee in this commercial is to remind everyone that we should take time to enjoy the weekend with the family.  So this weekend, take the family out for a meal!  Where? Saan pa kungdi sa Jollibee ha ha ha!

♪♪♫♪♫ I love you Sabado …. Pati na rin Linggo ♪♪♫♪♫

Check out the official Jollibee kickoff of the campaign with Bamboo as guest:
Video: Bamboo Kicks Off Jollibee’s New I Love You Sabado TV Commercial Campaign


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