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How I Can Relate to Jollibee’s #BeedaSiTatay Father’s Day Viral Video

While browsing the “Net”, I saw this viral video of Jollibee “Para sa mahal at pinakamatapang kong tatay” for Father’s Day. Please click the photo below to watch the video:

Jollibee Fathers Day Beedasitatay
In very similar ways, I can easily relate to the father’s traits and experiences in the video. How? Let me enumerate:


My wife lived in Tenement, Vitas, Tondo, a notorious place, so just dropping her off and visiting her takes courage.  Add to equation, my mother-in-law to be that time, who was even feared by residents there for her temper. She owns a carienderia there and famous for her dinuguan so nobody dare to cross her because they will not be able to make “kain” and “utang”.



My 3 daughters were all born in the State of Bahrain in the Middle East.  In a foreign land for employment, we were away from our native country and have to tackle birth “pains” and raising the children in a different environment.



Once I hear my daughters scream at home, it’s definitely time to wear my pest controller hat! What is it about girls and cockroaches?



Since most of our family life were spent in the Middle East, we did not experience Ondoy or the big storms. But figuratively, we had bigger “storms” like the Gulf War and Desert Storm.  We have to send the children back to the Philippines while my wife and I stayed in the Middle East braving the Scud Missile attacks from Saddam Hussain to continue to financially support the family. Thank God for the Patriot Missile batteries from the U. S.!


Getting Old and Hair-loss

At the age of 53, gone are my days of very thick hair which was the envy of other men. Although not bald, my hair is already thinning at the top part limiting my hairstyling options.


Daughter(s) Getting Married

This is the one I cannot actually say that I have the experience because all my daughters are still single. Although I have not experience handing out my daughters’ hand in marriage, I can still relate to the feeling. Well, maybe soon, hopefully when they are about 40 years old ha ha ha!


Father’s Day Wish

What would a father wish for his special day? Perhaps, the latest Fujifilm X-T10, or a Panasonic GH-4 for video recording.  That will be either Php 50,000 or Php 100,000 which is way to much for a gift.

Instead, a simple gesture would do.  Instead of me dining alone eating a 1-piece Chicken Joy with Jollibee …


… I would like to be sharing this bucket of Chicken Joy…

jollibee fathers day BeedaSiTatay chicken joy bucket

… with my 3 daughters and wife who because of their busy call center schedules, we could not synchronize our schedules for a family eat-out. That will make my Father’s day celebration special!

So this June 21, Father’s Day, go out and celebrate with your Dad,  tatay tatayans, friends who are dads, etc…

Have a Jolly Father’s Day! #BeedaSiTatay


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