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Iya Villania Allergy-free Active Lifestyle with the Help of Claritin Reditabs

Claritin RediTabs Loaratadine
Claritin RediTabs Loaratadine

Life is so full of adventures not to be missed just because of some obstacles in life. Allergies and allergic attacks due to exposure to allergens like dust and pollens make us miss the great outdoor adventures. Even food allergies limits the foodies in us.

Now, there is no more excuse not to tackle adventures due to allergies.  The solution: Claritin Reditabs. Loratadine (Claritin Reditabs) is the same powerful Claritin millions have trusted in a new and revolutionary format. You can just peel off the foil and pop it in your mouth. It can be taken anytime, anywhere and no water required because it just melts in your mouth. This non-drowse variant orally dissolves in seconds and leaves you with a fresh minty taste. The effects last for 24 hours.


At the Presscon

Celebrity endorser Iya Villania-Arellano was there at the presscon to talked about how she benefited from using the new Claritin Reditabs.

Claritin Reditabs with Iya Villania-8282

“I believe allergies shouldn’t be an excuse to forgo an active lifestyle. The great outdoors is fun! There’s so much you can discover about yourself, your loved ones and the world when you’re out there. It was when I realized this that I decided to do everything I can to not let allergies control what I can and cannot do. I decided that I should always be ready,” Villania-Arellano said.

We were challenged to do a wall climb and I volunteered! The crowd and the lovely host Gelli Victor motivated and cheered while I climb.

Claritin Reditabs with Iya Villania-8323

Claritin Reditabs with Iya Villania-8309

The following day I have muscle pains but enjoyed the climb.

So are you ready for more adventures? With Claritin RediTabs, you are #AlwaysRedi!





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