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You’re My Boss Movie Review

YOU'RE My Boss Movie Poster with Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin
Poster from ABS-CBN website

After the solemnity of Good Friday, I definitely want to be entertained. With the April 4 openings of lots of movies including Fast and Furious 7 and Sponge Bob, its definitely a great day to head to the cinemas and chill at the mall to escape the summer heat.

One of my picks was You’re My Boss starring Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin. I wanted a movie to make me laugh and lift my spirit after the solemnity of Good Friday. I saw the movie at SM Cinemas at SM North 12:30 p.m. screening and was not disappointed and came out of the movie entertained and in good spirit!

Let’s checkout the trailer for some background.


(movie trailer from Star Cinema youtube channel)

Toni Gonzaga plays the role of Georgina, ambitious and tough airline executive manager who needs a second chance to prove that she has what it takes to be at the top of the corporate ladder.

Coco Martin who plays the role of Pong the assistant of the big boss but was assigned to Georgina during his boss leave of absence.

In a turn of events where Georgina was forced lie and make Pong the boss due her desperation to close the dealings with  Japanese investors who wouldn’t pursue the negotiation because they did not want to deal with Georgina who was mistakenly thought of as an assistant (or due to sexual discrimination/cultural factors). This lead to the reversal of roles of the boss and the assistant between Georgina and Pong. That lead to the comedic situational comedy and their pretense to convince the investors at all cost to close the partnership made the situation more funnier.

Antoinette Jadaone (“That Thing Called Tadhana”) directed the movie.

The movie was graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB)  and rated Parental Guidance (PG)  by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).



The casting of Toni as the classy strong headed boss and Coco Martin as the “jologs” assistant was the first strong point of the movie. Toni’s supladita classy “bitchy” portrayal of her character was so believable. I just love her “tarayness”.

toni gonzaga as georgina youre my boss movie review 2

Coco was very classic as a cute “mabait” “magalang” ordinary guy.

coco martin as pong youre my boss movie review 2

Both Toni and Coco nailed their roles.

Second was the chemistry of the characters. Toni and Coco blended well in both the original and reverse roles of boss and assistant.  It was not the common case of the rich girl poor girl tandem.

toni gonzaga and coco martin  youre my boss movie review

Third is the concept. Although it sounds so familiar the boss assistant love affair, there was something different with You’re My Boss. The pretending part and the comedy of the reverse role plus the developing love angle made it differently familiar. By the way, the movie was based on a concept by Toni Gonzaga as per the credits.

Situational comedy executed very well. I love the basketball scene, that got me almost pissed my pants.

The shooting location of Batanes was another icing on the cake. The picturesque backdrop of the rugged rural landscape added an additional topping to enjoy the movie.  The romantic backdrop of sea and mountain made it easier to fall in love. The location played a very crucial factor in the story of the movie as well.

toni gonzaga and coco martin  youre my boss movie review 3

With the theme of honesty, back to basics, and on what matters in life, makes you also ponder in life and that with the love story make the viewer feel good in the end after the movie.

You’re My Boss pressed a lot of buttons: funny, entertaining, scenic, emotional, reminding of the basics. It’s a romantic comedy with a feel good touch to it.

I definitely give it a 4 stars rating.  It is worth your movie money.  I highly recommended as a date movie, family movie, barkada movie or just you alone watching to laugh, ponder on life and feel good.

Two Thumbs Up! Definitely another blockbuster in the making for Toni Gonzaga. She is definitely a rom-com blockbuster queen.

Stay for the hilarious credits scene.


Photo Credits: screen grabs from the movie trailer of Star Cinema.

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