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J Lo Stars in JENNIFER LOPEZ: DANCE AGAIN Docu-Concert Movie


I love watching concert movies! Of course, it’s not live but it’s the next best thing.

This summer, a docu-concert movie that features thew award winning Jennifer Lopez popularly know as J Lo,  will make you want to get up and dance with her high-energy sing and dance numbers.  Captive Cinema brings to the Philippines: JENNIFER LOPEZ: DANCE AGAIN movie.

The movie covers behind the scenes of J Lo’s first world tour where she visited 65 cities and 5 continents,  reaching one million fans, producing 11,250 minutes of music, and requiring 500,000 sequins and 162 wardrobe changes.


The DANCE AGAIN movie combines riveting musical performances with a raw and candid look at Lopez’s personal and professional life over a defining 6 month period, when she challenges herself to go on her first world tour with her two young children in tow.

“I wanted to tell a story, to open myself up to people,” says J Lo. “The experience was more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. This documentary brings back so many incredible memories and I am so excited to relive the tour, and once again, share these experiences with my fans.”


The special includes intimate documentary footage and interviews with Lopez and her closest friends, who accompanied her on the road, as well as spectacular in-concert renditions of many of her biggest hits, including “Get Right,” “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” “I’m Into You,” “Goin’ In,” “Let’s Get Loud,” “On the Floor,” “I’m Real,” “Do It Well,” “All I Have” and “Dance Again.”


J Lo begins the tour in South America and ends in Puerto Rico, where she held her first concert 11 years ago.

Here is a promotional video I found on Fidel Guzman’s youtube channel about the movie:

‘JENNIFER LOPEZ: DANCE AGAIN’ is released and distribute by CAPTIVE CINEMA showing starting April 15, 2015.

photo credits: photos provided by Captive Cinema press release



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