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Traffic Due to Drainage Road Works? NelTex PVC Pipes Offers Solutions

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Have you been stuck in traffic because of on-going road works that seems to take forever to finish? We always wonder why does it take so long for contractors to finish road works especially the ones involving drainage and sewerage. Seeing those diggings with round concrete pipes on the side of the roads for days (even months) with a traffic aid guiding the counter flow or just letting one direction to use the usable side of the road always triggers a rise in temperature in ones head.

One of the reasons for these delays is Philippine standards still uses 1 meter reinforced concrete pipes for drainage and sewerage. No longer used in developed countries, the Philippine standard use of these heavy concrete pipes is outdated, costlier, and requires more maintenance. The use of 6 meter PVC pipes in sewage system is more practical, cost effective and leads to less and faster construction times.

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What are the advantages of using the PVC pipes instead of 1 meter reinforced concrete pipes for sewerage systems?

1. Faster installation time: Installing a lighter 1 x 6 meters PVC pipe takes less time to installing and joining 6 x 1 meter concrete pipes

2. Lower manpower requirements: Since there will be less lifting, handling, laying and joining manpower requirements will be less

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3. Lower transportation cost: PVC weight less and easier to transport

4. Joining PVC pipes especially with superior locking sealing technologies takes less time and manpower to install

Effective Storm Drain with Neltex 500 mm PVC Pipes

5. Concrete pipes are more delicate and requires more demanding loading, unloading and installation procedure

6. The use of concrete pipes requires more maintenance. The joining seals between the concrete pipes does not last long resulting to leaks compared to PVC pipes that are guaranteed for 50 years.

7. Inaccurately jointed concrete pipes leads to uneven slopes that caused water not to flow smoothly and clogging occurs causing floods

Clogged  unevenly jointed Concrete Pipes Causes flooding

With the practicality of using 6 meter PVC pipes, the government will definitely save on the overall cost of the construction of the drainage / sewerage system. The faster construction time will lead to less traffic inconveniences lessening the overall non-productivity cost, pollution and stress for the commuters.

NELTEX Development Corporation develops and markets PVC pipes. With their PVC NELTEX Sewerguard pipes with Sewerlock seal joining system, installation of sewerage and drainage pipes will be faster, less joining, less maintenance and more cost effective in the construction and in the long run.  To know more about NELTEX and their products, please visit their website or like their Facebook page.

Check out this video from Neltex Facebook page that showcased their theme XV eXtermely Viable theme and how Neltex has solutions for major pipeline problems that affects us ordinary people:



So next time you are stuck in traffic due to drainage construction, you know why it takes longer to finish those road works.

Photo Credits: screen capture from Neltex Facebook page video

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