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Gourmet Burgers Extraordinaire at Size Matters Sausage Burgers at Kapitolyo, Pasig

I love burgers! It is one of my favorite comfort food. I love the different burgers from fast food joints. Some of my favorites are  Jollibee’s The Champ,  and McDonalds’ Big and Tasty to name a few.  Sometimes, I want to indulge my appetite with something bigger, tastier and different.  This is where my next food trip tooked me …

I was invited with fellow bloggers to try out the burgers at Size Matters located at Kapitolyo Pasig located at the same building where Ace Water Spa is located.

First thing for me as a car owner for my dining experience is the parking.  The building has its own parking floors so parking is not an issue especially in a busy area like Kapitolyo.

As I went from the building going out to the resto, I saw that they have a good al-fresco area. This is ideal for evening “tambays” while having your burgers and beer.

size matters pasig-2292
Nice Al-fresco area option for dinners


What separates Size Matters Sausage Burgers resto from your typical burger joint is their blend of burger patties.  Imagine the flavor of grilled sausages fusion-ed with the taste of  meaty burgers. That is what this burger joint is all about!!!

Now let’s check out the different burgers that we tried.


The Works Burger (TWB)

size matters pasig The Works Burger (TWB)
The Works Burger (TWB)

The chunky and creamy 1/3 lb all-beef patty blended with Monterey Jack sets it apart from your typical burger.  Served on an oat bun garnished with fresh tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, topped with American cheddar cheese, mushrooms and slices of bacon made it deserving to be called “The Works Burger”.  At only Php 299, the TWB, is a great value for money to fill up a hungry tummy!

It is definitely my favorite with its rich flavor that tickles your appetite.



size matters pasig Italian Burger Job (IBJ)
Italian Burger Job (IBJ)

Now comes a burger that represents what Size Matters Sausage Burgers is all about.  The patty of the IBJ is made a blend with ground Italian sausages. Yes, Italian Sausages! This gives this burger the flavor that beats your typical fastfood burger.

Served on an oat bun with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, garlic cream cheese, caramelized onions and a slice of Monterey Jack. The symphony of flavors from the salty, creamy, and a bit of sweetness are conducted by the chef to a cresendo of gastronomic experience.

The 1/4 lb cost Php 189.00 and the 1/2 lb version (2 patties) sells for Php269.00.



size matters pasig Breakfast in Bed (BIB) Burger
Breakfast in Bed (BIB) Burger

The breakfast in bed burger is relatively the “lightest” of them all  made up of breakfast sausage patty with bacon and fried egg (sunny side up or  scrambled)  on an very good English muffin with American cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, onion and tomatoes dressed in mayonnaise. The sausage taste reminds me of herb-y taste similar to McDonalds  Sausage McMfufin.

The 1/4 lb is priced at Php 199 and the  1/2 lb version of the burger with 2 sausage patties sells for Php 279.


Other Items on the Menu

To complement your burger, I highly recommend that you try their IBC root beer. It’s one of the best root beer I have tried and matches the burger very well!

size matters pasig-2311


They also have good house blend of drinks including ice tea and juices. They also serve a selection of beers and sodas.

size matters pasig-2289

If you are into spicy food, take a sample of their buffalo wings: 3-piece for  Php 195 and 5-piece  for Php 295. Each is a full wing size. Spicy enough for the kick but not overpowering to the taste bud.

size matters pasig 5 Piece Buffalo Wings
5 Piece Buffalo Wings


They also have selection of pastas, rice meals, ribs and all day breakfast meals.

If you are tired of the typical fastfood burgers, try Size Matters Sausage Burgers and it will be definitely a great adventure for your tastebuds!

Size Matters Sausage Burgers Kapitolyo is located at the Ace Spa Plaza at Kapitolyo, Pasig.


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